Frontani presents
work in Boca Raton


Michael Frontani of the School of Communications attended the American Italian Historical Association conference in Boca Raton, Fla., Nov. 6-8, and presented a paper titled "'From the Bottom to the Top': Frank Sinatra, the American Myth of Success, and Italian American Identity."

"It is the thesis of this study that the Sinatra known to millions - Sinatra's image - was promulgated through a national, yet New York-centered, media which, ensconced in an environment alive with both nativist and progressive rhetoric, presented Frank Sinatra, implicitly and explicitly, in ways consistent with local representations of Italian Americans," Frontani explained. "That is, the national media disseminated through Sinatra's image stereotypes of Italians and Italian Americans that originally circulated in local press items and progressive literature focused primarily upon migration of southern Italians to the United States from 1890-1920."



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