Grady, Book get NAB
satellite radio grant


School of Communications faculty members Don Grady and Connie Book have been awarded a $5,000 National Association of Broadcasters grant to study satellite radio.

Here's a look at information from the abstract for the project:

XMSR and Sirius Radio are current providing more than 1.5 million customers imported, national radio content via satellite (Joyce, 2003). The consumer electronics industry identified satellite radio as one of the "hottest" Christmas gifts of 2003 (, 2003). Much like the 1990s launch of DirecTV and the Dish Network, broadcasters are faced with new competition and early warning signs suggest this fight will be a tough one.

On Jan. 8, XMSR and Sirius radio announced they would begin inserting local weather and traffic reports. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) was quick to file an official response, calling the move an encroachment on the role and function of local, terrestrial radio (Mediaweek, 2004):

"XM Satellite Radio's announcement today to provide weather and traffic reports to select major markets represents an appalling back-door attempt to bypass the FCC's intent to limit satellite radio to a national service only. The announcement also violates the spirit of a terrestrial repeater agreement NAB recently negotiated with XM barring XM from local programming delivery.

"NAB will explore the legality of XM offering this program service. But there is no doubt the 175 million daily listeners of local radio stations know that the best and most reliable source for news, school closings, and weather and traffic alerts continues to be their local broadcasters."

In their abstract, Book and Grady point out that the academic community has not yet turned its attention to this new medium, and as a result little is known about satellite radio consumers. Their study will attempt to illuminate consumer adoption of satellite radio, exploring the characteristics of the diffusion of the service, and more specifically how satellite radio adoption impacts the subscriber's relationship with local radio.

The data collected during this study is intended to offer broadcasters valuable information as they attempt to understand how the introduction of satellite radio will impact their respective markets.



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