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Collegiate Mentoring

What is the Collegiate Mentoring Program?

Collegiate Mentoring is one of the essential programs offered through the Center for Access and Success and Elon University. Collegiate Mentoring specifically supports students who are the first-generation in their family to attend college (whose parents never completed a four-year degree) or students who might have a high-financial need. Support from Collegiate Mentoring spans the personal, social and academic experiences of our students. Our goal is to ensure first-generation and/or high-financial need students have equal access and opportunity to all Elon has to offer. We aim to ensure that students served by the Center will be able to excel and flourish in the cultural and intellectual life of our university community. 

We pair first-generation and/or high-financial need students in successful peer mentoring relationships with senior-level undergraduate students and/or faculty/staff mentors. Mentoring activities include but are not limited to: providing awareness about campus-based scholarly academic and co-curricular programs; assisting with navigating the collegiate environment; assisting in fostering relationships between students, faculty, staff and community; and serving as a general resource and support system to underscore the educational journey at Elon. 

Is mentoring right for you?

Mentoring is a great opportunity for you to grow, both personally and professionally. It provides an exciting opportunity to bring people together, to learn from one another, to network, to grow, and to develop personal and professional skills. Successful mentoring relationships require time, energy, enthusiasm and commitment on behalf of both mentees and mentors. We see mentoring as a developmental relationship, based on intentional conversations—where mentors ask where do you want to go, and how can I help you get there? This requires the mentee to take active responsibility for his/her learning and development, and for the peer mentor to serve as a facilitator of that growth through guidance, feedback and wisdom. Whether you enter the mentoring relationship as a mentee or peer mentor, the potential rewards are tremendous. Be a part of a WIN, WIN commitment!

How can I become involved?

If you are ready to enter into a mentoring relationship that will stretch you in new and amazing ways, please let us know.