Maria T. Interiano
(Dr. Constance Book) School of Communications

Malnutrition is a silent emergency impacting almost every country in the world. Honduras, located in the heart of Central America, is no exception. Over 71% of the Honduran population lives below the poverty line and 24% live off of less than $1 a day. Unfortunately, children are the most affected by this social and economic problem, resulting in irreversible physical and mental problems that will limit them in their adult life. Every year, thousands of kids from all over the country are brought to Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital located in San Pedro Sula with some degree of malnutrition. As a broadcast communication major and a Project Pericles student, I wanted to capture this problem on video and create a documentary to bring the community’s attention to the malnutrition problem. During winter term in my country, I researched the issue of malnutrition and shot video to capture the story. The story captured in this documentary chronicles the lives of local families affected by the disease of malnutrition and the healthcare systems attempts to correct the problem. This documentary, using first person accounts, will allow the viewers to become more sensitive to the living situations and conditions of those families and children affected by malnutrition. Viewers will see the working conditions and facilities at the hospital and hear personal stories of malnutrition and recovery from the disease. But more importantly, they will be able to place faces and real stories to the statistics that have categorized Honduras as one of poorest countries and with high percentages of malnourished children. The video is being produced in English and Spanish so that an international audience’s consciousness will be raised.

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