Big Elon Presence at AEJMC

Eleven faculty members in the School of Communications participated in the national convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in San Francisco in August 2006.

At the national convention, Elon also distributed an assessment book authorized by the Accrediting Council and highlighted the School’s faculty and program successes in four pages of advertising in the convention program.

Elon participants were Dean Paul Parsons, Department Chair Don Grady, and faculty members Janna Anderson, Brooke Barnett, David Copeland, Ocek Eke, Kenn Gaither, Jessica Gisclair, Rich Landesberg, George Padgett and Glenn Scott.

Convention highlights included:

Dean Parsons spoke to the Leadership Institute for new deans and directors about the role of communications up and down the ladder and spoke on assessment at an Accrediting Council workshop. During the convention, he participated in the editorial board meeting for Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, accepted appointment to a task force on the future of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication (ASJMC), and agreed to serve as 2006-07 chair of ASJMC’s Diversity Committee.

Dr. Padgett received the second-place award and served as a panelist in the Teaching the First Amendment Competition sponsored by AEJMC’s Teaching Standard Committee and the Scripps Howard Foundation.

Dr. Scott presented a refereed paper titled “Rethinking Rights: Press Coverage of Orders Rescinding the World War II Evacuation of Japanese-Americans” to a History Division session. He also was moderator of a research session sponsored by the Newspaper Division titled “All the News We Print Is True, We Think: Reader Credibility.”

Dr. Eke presented a refereed paper on “Darfur: International Neglect and News Media Silence in the Face of Genocide” in a poster session on journalistic practices and discourses. He also served as a discussant in a Cultural and Critical Studies Division research session on “Responding to Crisis, Containing Dissent: Press Coverage of Iran and Iraq.”

Dr. Gaither presented a research paper titled “Extending Models of International Public Relations Practice: An Analysis of the Aria Foods Crisis” (co-authored with Pat Curtin of Oregon) to a Public Relations Division session.

Dr. Copeland and Dr. Barnett participated in a research panel discussion titled “Different Wars, Similar Themes” that considered common and recurring themes in war correspondence ranging from the nation’s early years to the current Iraqi conflict and War on Terror.

Dr. Grady and Dean Parsons interviewed almost 20 prospective faculty members at AEJMC’s Job Placement Center.

In addition, new Elon faculty member Dr. Barbara Miller co-authored a research paper titled “Digging Deeper: Crisis Management in the Coal Industry” that was presented by Suzanne Horsley of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to a Public Relations Division session.









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