Faculty members attend AEJMC national convention in Washington, D.C.

Fourteen faculty members from Elon’s School of Communications participated in the 2007 national convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in Washington, D.C.

Participants were Paul Parsons, Connie Book, Don Grady, Brooke Barnett, Colin Donohue, Ocek Eke, Anthony Hatcher, Rich Landesberg, Byung Lee, Barbara Miller, George Padgett, Glenn Scott, Dan Trigoboff and Frances Ward-Johnson.

“Elon has developed a major presence at our national convention in recent years,” Dean Parsons said, “and it contributes to our growing reputation, our ability to recruit outstanding faculty, and our teaching and scholarly expertise.”

These were highlights of Elon’s participation at the AEJMC conference:

--Padgett received the Newspaper Division’s Professional Freedom and Responsibility Award for his commitment and efforts related to ethics, diversity and law.

--Scott presented a refereed paper titled “Measuring an Eroding Base: Use of the Circulation Robustness Variable for U.S. Newspapers.”

--Miller presented a refereed paper to “Community Stakeholders and Marketplace Advocacy: A Model of Advocacy, Agenda Building and Industry Approval.”

--Parsons spoke on indirect measures of assessing student learning at the day-long Assessing Journalism and Mass Communication Education workshop.

--Grady was an invited expert in roundtable discussions following the assessment workshop.

--Eke was moderator of a panel on the 2008 political season and how journalists are preparing to cover it.

--Landesberg was a panelist, along with senior producers from C-SPAN and BET, invited to speak on how journalists are preparing to cover the 2008 political season.

--Parsons spoke to the Journalism Leadership in Diversity graduating class on “Leadership in Action: Motivating Faculty.”

--Ward-Johnson was a discussant in a refereed paper poster research session sponsored by the Advertising, Public Relations and Cultural and Critical Studies Divisions.

--Parsons discussed the World Journalism Education Congress in Singapore and other topics as a member of the Task Force on the Future of ASJMC.

--Eke presided as vice chair at the executive committee meeting of the Cultural and Critical Studies Division of AEJMC.

--Parsons presided as chair of the Diversity Committee of the administrators group, the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communications.

--Book and Grady conducted interviews for an upcoming search for a corporate communications faculty member.

-- Barnett presented a refereed paper in the International Division titled "Journalism & Terrorism Across the Atlantic: A Qualitative Content Analysis of CNN and BBC Coverage of 9/11 and 7/7."  Elon colleague Laura Roselle was a co-author on the project.


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