Trigoboff Article Runs on TVNewsday

Dan Trigoboff, adjunct instructor of Communications, covered the opening session of the Radio-Television News Directors Assocation in April for TVNewsday.

Trigoboff focused his article on an address from Michael Rosenblum, a "video journalism evangelist." Rosenblum said TV journalists "are dead."

Trigoboff writes, " Rosenblum referred to the conventional ENG gear, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars, as 'paperweights.'

So, the barbarians are at the gate?' asked moderator Miles O’Brien, of CNN.

'No, no, no,' said Rosenblum. 'The people are at the gate; the barbarians are going to be unemployed.'

Despite Rosenblum’s passionate, sometimes inflammatory and frequently off-putting proselytizing, he has converted a few broadcasters to video journalism—the idea of replacing heavily equipped news crews with more lightly equipped individuals who can both report the story and capture the video.

Perhaps more important, Rosenblum has caused other broadcasters to do some soul searching about the way they collect news and prompted academics to rethink the way they are training TV journalists.

They are beginning to see the potential of low-cost, lightweight cameras and laptop editors and the increasing availability of wireless Internet access.

Combining those factors with constant corporate budget pressure and a ravenous demand for content, some suggest, could make wider adoption of video journalism inevitable."

The entire article from TVNewsday can be found HERE. Access to the piece requires free registration.


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