Anderson plays part in release of Metaverse Roadmap

The Metaverse Roadmap Overview was officially released by the Acceleration Studies Foundation July 20. School of Communications faculty member Janna Anderson was a participant in the summit that kicked off the report, and she has been a contributor to the research.

From the Metaverse site:

“Metaverse Roadmap is the first public 10-year forecast and visioning survey of 3D Web technologies, applications, markets and potential social impacts. Areas of exploration include the convergence of Web applications with networked computer games and virtual worlds, the use of 3D creation and animation tools in virtual environments, digital mapping, artificial life, and the underlying trends in hardware, software, connectivity, business innovation and social adoption that will drive the transformation of the World Wide Web in the coming decade.

The MVR explores multiple pathways to the 3D enhanced web, not a single path to a "3D-only" web. An array of 3D web enhancements are emerging, visual extensions to the participatory web technologies now sweeping the online world. Social search, the archiving and sharing of our favorite online and real world activities, ideas and experiences, is coming of age and going visual.”

The Metaverse Roadmap homepage displays a prominent link to Elon's Imagining the Internet site, where there are interviews with most of the key contributors to the content of the report.


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