Alumni Update

Erin Mahn, a 2007 journalism graduate, has started a job as a reporter at The Daily Banner in Cambridge, Md. Mahn is working with only four other reporters, but she said she's getting a lot of experience because she covers more than one beat. She'll be handling everything from breaking news to lacrosse games, Mahn said.

"(I) already love it," Mahn said. "Everyone is really nice. I am actually using my journalism degree and working at a newspaper." Mahn can be reached at

Leanne Jernigan , a 2007 corporate communications major, recently accepted a position as account coordinator at Levick Strategic Communications in Washington, D.C. Jernigan will be working with a team of fellow account coordinators and vice presidents to focus on crisis communications for several clients, including technology companies and law firms. She will write press releases and pitches as she attempts to spread the world about her clients through different news outlets.

Levick is a leading, independently-owned high stakes communications firm that was named Crisis Agency of the Year in 2005 by Holmes Report. Levick has represented more than half of the 100 largest law firms in America and more than 1/3 of the largest 100 in the world.

“I am very excited about my first real job outside college,” Jernigan said. “I have been looking for a PR firm that will challenge me and at the same time be a place where I can grow professionally, and Levick seemed like the perfect company. Washington, D.C., is also a really fun place to live and work.” Jernigan can be reached at

Kara Anderson , a 2006 corporate communications and journalism double major, was recently accepted to the Arizona State University graduate program for the fall semester, where she will study Non-Profit Management with a specialization in Event Management. Before deciding to go back to school, Anderson had worked at Promotions One Inc., in Columbus, Ohio, where she planned the New Year’s Eve Event called First Night Columbus. She also traveled to Sydney, Australia, where she lived for four months while working at a fashion PR company called Sweaty Betty. While attending Elon, she interned for non-profit organizations.

“I knew I needed more specialized knowledge in order to become successful in the field,” Anderson said. “I am particularly interested in non-profit arts event management, so at Arizona State I will be taking non-profit courses in conjunction with arts and event planning courses. I chose Arizona State because it gave me that flexibility.” Anderson can be reached at

Kristin Tremoulis, a 2007 graduate, received the     National Gold Key Award from the Public Relations Student Society of America. Tremoulis served as Elon’s chapter membership director and participated in most chapter events including national presentation and conferences.

The National Gold Key Award was created in 1983 to acknowledge outstanding PRSSA members. It is the highest individual honor bestowed upon members of PRSSA. It recognizes those students who display outstanding academic excellence in public relations and leadership qualities in PRSSA.

Ellis Harman(third from right in black shirt),  a 2005 journalism and corporate communications double major, was recently hired as a copy editor at the Hilton Head Island Packet in Hilton Head, S.C. Harman mainly works with the local and wire sections, editing stories and designing pages. She is also responsible for designing the editorial page almost every day.  Before starting at the Packet in June, Harman completed her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Memphis. At Memphis, Harman worked with the Teen Appeal, a high school newspaper published monthly produced by and for students in Memphis City Schools. She helped teach the students basic journalistic practices. For her graduate professional project, Harman wrote a style guide and design guide for the Teen Appeal. She also redesigned the newspaper based on suggestions made by the students.

“It's been a really interesting experience because I'm coming to the Packet right after the paper completed a major redesign, so the learning curve hasn't been too bad because everyone is adjusting to the new styles and standards, and it's interesting to see the changes the paper has made,” Harman said. “It's also been really great having the chance to both edit and design, because I feel a good copy editor should be able to use both elements to create a fantastic paper people will want to read. And, of course, you can't beat living at the beach!” Harman can be reached at

Damon Duncan , a 2006 corporate communications graduate, will start his second year at the Elon School of Law in August. During the summer, he has been working for the firm Brooks, Pierce, McClendon, Humphrey and Leonard. He said he hopes eventually to practice law in Charlotte or Greensboro alongside his wife, Melissa, a 2006 Elon psychology graduate who also attends Elon’s law school.

“I’ve always been interested in the leagal field,” Duncan said. “I have always wanted to be either a police officer, attorney, judge or something within that arena. I’m focusing on general practice, litigation while at Elon Law.” Duncan can be reached at

Erryn Gallasch , a 2007 corporate communications major, recently accepted a job as account coordinator for Potomac Management Resources, an association management firm in Alexandria, Va. Gallash will help run non-profit associations, meaning she manages the events, PR, finance and membership of several non-profits. Gallasch said the portfolio she established while a student at Elon made her a more marketable asset to the many companies to which she applied. She said she received multiple offers before she settled on Potomac Management Resources.

“The work keeps me busy which I really like because I feel like I'm not wasting away my days,” Gallasch said. “The office environment is wonderful as my co-workers are really nice, the location of the office is beautiful, the dress code is casual (jeans and flip-flops are standard) and everyone seems to really enjoy what they are doing.” Gallasch can be reached at

Jessica Patchett-Anderson, a 2005 graduate who majored in journalism, just completed the second year of her three-year program at Princeton Theological Seminary. This summer, Patchett-Anderson is working as an intern at the Presbytery of Charlotte, where she does PR and marketing work. In addition, she has also been preaching at various churches throughout the Charlotte area and at Carolina Beach. At Princeton Theological Seminary, Patchett-Anderson teaches child and adult Sunday School classes and preaches on Wednesday nights.

"Helping people articulate and communicate their experiences of and beliefs about the divine can range from inspiring to frightening and back again," Patchett-Anderson said. "I find my work most exciting when I can be with people as they formulate these beliefs and experiences into expressions and actions that will work to transform their lives and communities." Patchett-Anderson can be reached at

Kimberly Hayes , a 2005 film major, has been working at Big Picture Studios in Las Vegas for two years. Big Picture Studios is a small independent film production company that changed its structure last fall to focus on feature film development and production. One picture they have in development is an original script storylined by Jeff Lester, Rudy Gaines and actor Billy Bob Thornton, who is attached to star. Hayes fills many roles. She acts as a personal assistant, editor, graphic designer, script reader, head of development and producer. Last year, she worked extensively with impersonator Rich Little.

“Although this has yet to be confirmed,” Hayes said, “I may be working as production coordinator in two weeks on shooting 26 original webisodes for the FX show “The Riches,” starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver.” Hayes can be reached at

Janell Otis , a 2002 corporate communications major, is the vice president of marketing at Commercial Defeasance, LLC in Charlotte, N.C. Otis is responsible for creating, negotiating and placing advertising in print and on-line products nationwide, relaying the creative content of the company’s Web site to its IT department for production and attending and promoting Commercial Defeasance at Commercial Real Estate Conferences nationwide on a monthly basis. She also writes articles on defeasance that are published in local and national publications, creates brochures and marketing materials, oversees the client appreciation program and implements and discovers new promotions and giveaways. Otis has worked at Commercial Defeasance since October of 2004.

“The dynamic open work environment, young professional atmosphere and perks make me never want to leave,” Otis said. “It has grown from 15 employees when I started to over 45 today. The fast paced ever-changing market allows me to be creative in my day-to-day work.” Otis can be reached at

Kathryn McQuade, a 2007 graduate, works as a production assistant at "Larry King Live" at CNN in Washington, D.C. She is in charge of purchasing video and photos to use on the show, logging and editing tape that will be used in reels, running the Larry King Live tape library and feeding tape to other branches of CNN, if needed. Right now, McQuade is working with the CNN crew to create an audition tape for herself.

“I love what I'm doing and I'm having a great time,” McQuade said. “Those communication classes certainly paid off.” McQuade can be reached at

Travis Lusk, a 2005 broadcast graduate, is the New Media Manager for WCBS News radio 880 in New York City. Lusk oversees all interactive operations at the station, which encompasses daily news stories, design, videos, podcasts and online advertising. He oversees a full-time staff of five Web exclusive employees.

“Day to day, my online producers do most of the publishing,” Lusk said. “I oversee it from more of an editor in chief's role. However, the larger projects, graphics, design, I do. And when breaking news happens, I'm in the middle of it all in the newsroom.” Lusk can be reached at

Laura Weisiger(at right with R&B artist Ne-Yo) , a 2006 journalism major, is working for the Circuit City corporate offices in Richmond. She works on the Web Sales and Operations team for as a product copywriter. The company’s site is one of the top 200 most visited sites in the U.S. Weisiger is in charge of writing up the product descriptions for a variety of products sold on Circuit City’s site, including all PC and console games, gaming accessories (a huge category), home appliances and security products.

“I’ve learned a lot about the electronics industry as well as how a Fortune 500 company operates,” Weisiger said. Weisiger can be reached at

Kristen Sween is a 2007 journalism major who is volunteer teaching in South Africa for the summer with the WorldTeach program, a non-profit organization which sends volunteers all over the world to assist in classrooms Most volunteers are teaching computer classes, an English reading course, and math tutoring. Sween is working with a small group doing research to create a youth directory for Masi, which will be a resource for children about further education, after school programs and social awareness information. Once school is back in session July 16, volunteers are assigned to various schools along the peninsula. Sween will be teaching at Marine Primary school in Ocean View, an area that was created as a result of the Group Areas Act during Apartheid. The school has nearly 1,200 children and only 31 teachers, making class sizes far too large for the individual attention that young children need.
“My experience thus far has been a whirlwind,” Sween said. “Work and research every day keeps us busy, and on weekends I’m off exploring as much of the area as I can. The country is beautiful and the people, for the most part, have been very friendly and welcoming. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help others here in South Africa and I am hoping to make a difference in these students’ lives and educations.”

Beth Stevenson , a 2005 broadcast and corporate communications graduate, recently started a job as public information officer for the New Bern, N.C., police department near her hometown. Stevenson will handle all the media affairs/requests for the PD, as well as the composition of press releases and public service announcements. She works directly with the Chief of Police to maintain the department's communications with outside community organizations and news groups. She’ll spend a considerable amount of time meeting with and talking to community and civic groups about the mission of the police department. Stevenson is also hoping to create a monthly program for the local access television channel in town. The department’s goal is to highlight programs and communities with which the PD is involved. She’ll also serve as emcee at the annual Policeman's Ball. In addition, Stevenson also received her master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in August 2006. She also worked for a while as a television reporter in Wilmington, N.C. before taking the PIO position. Stevenson can be reached at

Zack Kevit,(left in black) a 2005 graduate who majored in corporate communications, is working with L-3 Communications in Crystal City, Va., as a defense contractor for the U.S. Army. L-3 is a mid-sized government contracting company. He works on the maintenance and construction of the Army’s Web site.

“The job is great,” said Kevit, an Elon philosophy minor. “Web development is a really interesting field since its never going to stop evolving.” Kevit can be reached at

Kelly Jeffrey, (on the far right) a 2007 graduate who       majored in corporate communications, started work in February at Sigma Kappa Sorority National Headquarters in Indianapolis as the extension specialist. Her job involves involves PR, design and marketing.

“It's a great after-college experience,” Jeffrey said. “The job is amazing. I am working with other young people, and it's taught me what you can't learn in school - how to work with volunteers. It'll drive you crazy at first, but I'm used to it now. It's an excellent experience and Indy is a fun city.” Jeffrey can be reached at

descriptionJ. McMerty, a 2000 graduate, has worked at Elon for the past six years, splitting his time between the School of Communications and TV services as the Senior Video Producer. As of June 1, McMerty began working entirely for the school as the Coordinator of Video Projects for the School of Communications. He will be asked to organize and run FreshTV, a freshmen engagement program geared toward broadcasting and cinema students. He will also oversee the production of Phoenix Weekly, which airs during ESPN2’s local sports break at 8:30 a.m. Saturday on select cable systems in central North Carolina. He will also assist with Elon Docs and teach one section of Digital Media Convergence per semester. He is finished his master’s education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. McMerty can be reached at

Colin Donohue, journalism major and graduate of thedescription        class of 2005, was named the coordinator of student media for the Elon School of Communications this summer. He will teach one section of Media Writing per semester, advise The Pendulum, Elon’s student newspaper, maintain the news side of the School of Communications Web site and promote media convergence among student-media organizations. He also recently completed his graduate work at the University of Memphis, where he earned his master’s degree in journalism in the spring of 2007. While in Memphis, he worked as the business manager and copy editor for the Newspaper Research Journal. He also worked for the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, the Mid-South’s largest circulating daily newspaper. Donohue can be reached at

Geoff Gentry, a 1997 graduate and broadcast communications major, works as an NCWise Data Manager for McDougle Middle School in Chapel Hill. Gentry, a film minor and a religious studies minor, controls trouble-shooting issues at the Help Desk at McDougle. He also handles data entry and status updates on students, as well as the compilation and running of state and federal reports. Before moving to McDougle in 2002, Gentry worked for New Directions International from 1998-2000 where he did video production and computer work. Gentry can be reached at

Kelly Robison, a 2007 broadcast graduate, is working in Richmond, Va., at Royall & Company as an associate project manager. Royall & Company specializes in the direct marketing and advertising for colleges across the country to enable better recruitment. Elon is one of its clients. Robison is an assistant to the team's project manager, who oversees the planning, scheduling and managing of the direct response projects from conception to completion. Robison and the project manager work together to schedule team projects, monitor, review and approve print and virtual copy to be sent to high school prospects, and monitor all invoices.

“I absolutely love my new job,” Robison said. “I have always loved going to school and learning. Knowledge is one of the most important assets a person can have. I am so happy to be working for a company that drives higher education.” Robison can be reached at

Jennifer Heilman, a 2007 journalism graduate, is working at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C., as the museum's public affairs specialist. The museum contains more than 24 million specimens and artifacts, and is an element of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, a tri-service Army, Navy and Air Force agency of the Department of Defense. The museum’s mission is threefold: consultation, education and research. Heilman is responsible for the museum's media relations. She publicizes and markets public programs and exhibits. She has also been accepted to American University's weekend graduate program in New Media Studies beginning in the fall of 2007. Heilman can be reached at

Nathan Rode, a 2007 journalism graduate, is an       assistant editor at Baseball America, where he covers high school and low Class-A, minor-league prospects. Rode interviews famous baseball mainstays, watches prospects at the start of their careers and writes features or blog entries for the publication. He also coordinates a stable of correspondents who Baseball America uses to cover leagues and players outside of its immediate coverage area. Rode also serves as the photo editor.

"I make less and work longer hours than the average American, but I get to write about baseball every day and meet players before they become superstars,” Rode said. “I have the inside track. It's a lot of fun. I'm the guy on the field with players, coaches and scouts who spectators look at and say, ‘That would be fun.’ I couldn't have gotten luckier straight out of college." Rode can be reached at

Bill Taylor, a 2006 graduate who majored in broadcast communications, is working at the Social Security Administration in Baltimore as a studio technician. The SSA runs three functional studios and airs training broadcasts on policy updates, system changes or other training courses, as needed. Taylor said he is getting great technical experience because he is involved in everything from pre-production to post-production. He is also responsible for setting up and running the cameras, using the audio board, incorporating computer graphics and editing tapings.

“The job is fun because it’s something different each day, so you walk in not knowing what to expect,” Taylor said. “My duties here blanket everything in video production pretty much.” Taylor can be reached at

Jeff Wirick, a 1998 graduate who double-majored in journalism and broadcast communications, will enter the Communications Studies Masters Program at Shippensburg (Pa.) University in the fall of 2007. He will work as a graduate assistant in charge of the communication department's PC lab. He plans to finish the program by December 2008 or May 2009. Wirick now works at the Burlington Times-News, where he has been employed as a sports and features writer since 1999. His last day at the Times-News is Aug. 3. He also worked at the Kinston Free Press from 1998-1999. While at Elon, Wirick served as editor-in-chief and assistant managing editor of The Pendulum and president of the Society of Professional Journalists.

"I'm looking forward to exploring other sides of the communications industry,” Wirick said. “I've enjoyed my time as a reporter, but I feel that it has been a very narrow focus. The Internet has drastically changed the way we work in this business, and staying ahead of that change is becoming more important." Wirick can be reached at

Brittiny Dunlap, a 2005 journalism graduate,       returned to her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where she began working as a reporter for Suburban News Publications, a weekly suburban news outlet in Columbus that covers the city of Worthington and New Albany-Plain Local Schools. In August 2006, a reclusive neighbor in Worthington shot a senior cheerleader from a local high school. The paper covered the event extensively, and Dunlap contributed a number of articles to coverage that was awarded first-place in the "breaking news" category in the newspaper’s circulation class in 2007 from Suburban Newspapers of America and the Press Club of Cleveland. In February, Dunlap was recruited by SNP's competition, ThisWeek Community Newspapers, a subsidiary of the Columbus Dispatch, where she now works as a reporter covering the city of Dublin.

"Working as a journalist has been a wonderful learning experience," Dunlap said. "I have such a better understanding of how local government and communities function as well as the opportunity to report stories that have been both challenging and rewarding." Dunlap can be reached at

Mike Demos, a 2006 broadcast graduate, was named       women's basketball play-by-play announcer at Siena College in suburban Albany, N.Y., last September. Siena is a Division-I school out of the MAAC. He will begin his second season as lead play-caller in the fall. This summer Demos has been calling games for the Lowell Spinners, the Boston Red Sox Class-A affiliate in the New-York Penn League, on the ESPN Radio station in Boston. Demos said the interview for the job was atypical.

“They set it up like that old ESPN show from a few year's back, 'Dream Job,' where all contestants came in, sat in front of a panel of judges and did play-by-play of a game and you continued advancing or were booted off,” Demos said. “Somehow, I won.” Demos can be reached at

Luke Wake, a 2006 corporate communications and political science double major, is attending law school at the University of Dayton. This summer, Wake secured an externship with Justice Edmunds on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Wake said he is also completing transfer applications and said he hopes to attend the University of North Carolina for the final two years of his law school education. He is interested in corporate law, particularly issues of land use and environmental regulations. In addition, Wake also works at the Civitas Institute, a think tank in Raleigh.

Nick Palatiello, a 2006 corporate communications graduate, was recently hired as the marketing communications manager for John M. Palatiello & Associates Inc., an association management and public affairs consulting firm specializing in the professional services market. JMP&A provides association management, marketing, strategic planning, public relations and government affairs services to associations, firms, government agencies, and organizations in the geospatial, architecture-engineering, technology and infrastructure markets. Palatiello formerly worked as a promotions assistant in athletic marketing at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C. While at Elon, he was sports editor for The Pendulum and a founder of the “Phoenix Phanatics,” a student organization aimed at boosting student involvement in Elon Athletics programs. Palatiello has also served internships in the U.S. Congress with Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) and the late Sen. Craig Thomas (R-Wy.).

“I'm getting adjusted and enjoying what I'm doing,” Palatiello said. “I have been on the job just over three weeks now, so (I’m) still getting acclimated, especially with the fact that for the past year I was dealing with sports and now I'm back to government and the geospatial industry.” Palatiello can be reached at

Gus Kroustalis, a 2004 graduate who double       majored in cinema and leisure and sports management, is enrolled in Elon’s MBA program. He is also employed as a sales and marketing analyst for the tax resolution firm Effectur, where he develops reporting tools that the company can use to measure present sales efforts and various marketing campaigns. The data gathered from the reports allow the company to decide how it should use its marketing budget. The data also serve as performance indicators for the sales staff. During the winter, Kroustalis was hired as the men's basketball color commentator for Elon Sports Radio, a job he will continue into next season.

“I really enjoy the analyst job because I'm exposed to the information that affects managerial decisions on a daily basis,” Kroustalis said. “I've loved every minute of the radio job, as well. Being a color commentator was something I've had an interest in for a while. So, it's great to be on the radio representing Elon.”

Melanie Nadeau graduated in 2007 with a double major in corporate and broadcast communications. She is now working as an Assistant Account Executive at Padilla Speer Beardsley, a PR firm in New York. She works primarily with clients in the financial, market research and executive recruiting industries. She provides publicity support for a broad range of clients through relationships with traditional and online media sources. Prior to joining PSB, Nadeau interned with Lippe Taylor Brand Communications in New York and the Webster Design Group and Leading Edge Video in North Carolina. She was also a student leader in Elon’s PRSSA chapter.

“I'm loving my job so far,” Nadeau said. “It's long hours but they have really thrown me into the trenches so I'm getting to do and learn a lot.” Nadeau can be reached at

Mike McKenna, a 2005 graduate who majored in broadcast communications, is working as a technical recruiter for EdgeRock Technology Partners in Boston, a company that partners with SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft Consultants to provide high-end consultants for various national small, medium and large businesses. McKenna interviews and networks with various consultants to help place them in projects based on their experience. EdgeRock is only 2½ years old, but it is already a $20 million enterprise.

“It's a work-hard, play-hard environment, and it's a great time,” McKenna said. “I'm definitely enjoying it so far and I see myself being here for a long time.” McKenna can be reached at

David Douglas , a 2006 broadcast graduate, has       worked for slightly more than one year as a reporter with WVIR-TV, NBC29, the Virginia Broadcasting owned station in Charlottesville, Va. Douglas reports five days a week - dayside Wednesday through Friday and nightside Saturday and Sunday. Douglas can be reached at

Phil Elkins has enjoyed a vagabond lifestyle since graduation. Since leaving Elon, he has done work for the Discovery Channel and HGTV. But he recently took a large leap and moved to Charleston, S.C., to start his own video production company. Presently, his company is making real estate video tours for homes for sale and TV commercials for businesses in the area. The company started from nothing, so all equipment was paid for out of pocket. He initially did some on-the-street marketing, but Elkins said the future of his company is looking promising. He said eventually his dream is get into documentary filmmaking.

“That's my love,” Elkins said of documentaries. “I'm hoping to make some bucks doing what we're doing and use that to delve into some deep projects.” Elkins can be reached at

Matt Belanger, a 2005 graduate in broadcast communications, is a reporter and anchor for CBS affiliate KELO-TV. He started out as a beat reporter for the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts, and was promoted to the weekend evening anchor. But he still maintains his reporting duties three days a week. While a student at Elon, Belanger gained practical media experience as an anchor and reporter for Phoenix14 and as news editor of The Pendulum.

“Actually, South Dakota is growing on me,” Belanger said. “I enjoy working for a CBS affiliate. I'm going into my third year working in Sioux Falls and loving every minute of it. I'm slowly climbing the ladder.” Belanger can be reached at

Jessica Frizen, a 2007 journalism graduate, recently landed a job in her hometown of Frederick, Md., at the Frederick News Post. Frizen will be responsible for editing page layouts, writing the occasional news story and acting as secretary.

“It's the perfect entry-level job for me because it'll keep me busy and give me a foot in the door to the local/daily newspaper scene,” Frizen said. “I definitely plan to freelance on the side, mainly because my hours are 2-11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. I don't plan on spending the mornings sleeping in.” Frizen can be reached at

Alexandra Apostolou, a 2005 corporate communications graduate, has spent the last two years working for Ogilvy Worldwide in New York as an account executive. Apostolou works directly with clients to develop advertising and direct marketing campaigns to address their business needs and problems.

“In your first two years of advertising, you work (extremely hard) to prove yourself,” she said. “So I am just recently beginning to enjoy working normal working hours.” Apostolou can be reached at

La’ Tonya Wiley, a 1997 broadcast communications       graduate, is currently working as a loan officer for SunTrust Bank. She will complete her MBA in marketing from the University of Phoenix-Online campus in February of 2008.

Kate McNamee, (far left in black cap) a 2005 corporate and broadcast       communications double major, is working as a development assistant for the ALS Association Greater New York Chapter. The ALS Association is a national organization that raises funds for patient programs and for research for people afflicted with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). McNamee’s chapter represents Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey and Greater New York. She handles a majority of her chapter's communications, which includes producing an annual newsletter and annual report, a monthly update and a monthly E-Blast. She also updates and maintains her chapter's Web site and a Web site for an annual gala - the Lou Gehrig Sports Awards Benefit. She coordinates her chapter's advocacy efforts.

“There are a number of aspects of my job that I love,” McNamee said. “I am given freedom to do as I wish and take our publications in the direction that I think is best for our chapter. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to become involved in advocacy, which really gives me the opportunity to help other people.” McNamee can be reached at

Kristin Simonetti, a 2005 graduate who majored in journalism, is working toward her graduate degree at the University of North Carolina, where she is entering her second year as a Roy H. Park Master's Fellow in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She will graduate with her master’s in mass communication in May 2008. During the summer, she has been interning as a sports copy editor with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, an internship she gained through the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. Simonetti can be reached at

David Hibbard, a graduate of 1989, was recently named director of communications at the Elon School of Law in Greensboro. As director of communications for the law school, Hibbard will be primarily responsible for media relations, publications and Web communications. He'll cover events, write stories about them and post them on the law school site, as well as E-Net. Hibbard will also work closely with reporters to pitch story ideas and help them locate a faculty expert when they need one. He will also aid the faculty and administrators in their quest to be published in newspapers and legal journals. He has also been tasked with planning long-term communications strategies for the school in an attempt to raise the program's profile nationally among peer schools, judges, attorneys and prospective students. He previously served as the News Bureau Director at University Relations. Hibbard can be reached at

Sarah Eydt, a 2007 corporate communications major, has recently accepted a position as an ad sales assistant at the National Geographic Channel at Fox Networks in New York. She will start at the end of August. Eydt can be reached at

Alison Moresi, a 2000 broadcast communications graduate, is about to start her sixth year for NASCAR Images as a non-linear Avid editor.

“I still love what I do," she said. "It’s constantly changing, and if I get bored I only have myself to blame.”

Lisa McChristian Sanders, a 2001 graduate who double majored in journalism and broadcast communications, was recently promoted to compensation analyst for Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health & School of Nursing. As a compensation analyst, she must classify and write a description of any new or temporary jobs. She helps determine the responsibilities, pay range and minimum qualifications for the jobs. Sanders also writes a quarterly column called "On the Job at JHU" for Johns Hopkins HR Today Magazine.

“I love working for Johns Hopkins University,” Sanders said. “I've been with the school for over three and a half years and have been promoted three times. The school really believes in providing growth opportunities.”

Rachel Abbott, a 2007 corporate communications graduate, has been working at the Pittsburgh offices of Reed Smith, a law firm, in business development. She earned the job after interning there last summer.

Emily MacDonnell, a 2001 graduate, is working as an editor for Computer Sciences Corporation in Washington, D.C. She writes, edits and designs a magazine for the U.S. Navy's LCAC (Hovercraft) program.

Dave Warfel, a 2006 graduate, is working for MaxPitch Media Inc., a Web-publishing company in Richmond, Va. The company has more than 180,000 opt-in subscribers for its e-mail newsletters. As part of his job, Warfel designs Web sites and manages e-mail marketing campaigns. He also handles MaxPitch’s advertiser communications. Warfel can be reached at


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