Governor Proclaims March 20 Sunshine Day in N.C.

Sunshine Day in North Carolina is officially on Thursday, March 20th this year. Governor Mike Easley has signed an official proclamation making it so. Sunshine Day is a day set aside to celebrate and create further awareness of the importance of the practice of open government. The text of the governor’s proclamation recognizes the critical role of open government and the First Amendment to our democracy in North Carolina. On Thursday stakeholders in the state’s open government laws will gather at Elon University for a workshop. Details of the event and a registration form can be found at

The Sunshine Day in North Carolina proclamation reads:

WHEREAS, access to government information is essential in a free society and essential for a free electorate to make informed electoral decisions; and

WHEREAS, history has proven that freedom does not long survive when the public’s “right to know” is compromised, eliminated or unduly regulated by governmental officials; and

WHEREAS, freedom of the press is the cornerstone of democratic societies and is one of the most important rights granted to all Americans; and

WHEREAS, I fully support the rights of North Carolinians to have access to government documents and meetings under the State’s Open Government Laws; and

WHEREAS, Thursday, March 20, 2008, hundreds of stakeholders in open government and concerned citizens celebrate "Sunshine Day" to educate and inspire all North Carolinians to be diligent in preserving our constitutionally guaranteed rights;

NOW, THEREFORE I, Michael F. Easley, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim March 20, 2008 as "Sunshine Day" in North Carolina.


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