elondocs Program Changes Its Focus

Elon’s documentary filmmaking organization, elondocs Production Program, which was launched in 2005, is now under a new direction and has undergone many changes in just the last year alone.

Instead of functioning solely as a mentoring program, elondocs will focus more on equipping students with the technical skills needed to write, direct and film documentaries.

The program in the past attracted many juniors and seniors, who already had the technical skills and training, but not a lot of underclassmen, according to new elondocs faculty director Nicole Triche, who is also an associate professor in the School of Communications.

The redesigned, co-curricular program, she said, will be an outlet for a small group of 10 students from all classes and backgrounds to receive the technical training they need to become documentary filmmakers.

“I want them to feel more confident (and) to make more documentaries, period,” Triche said.

In order to achieve that goal, the curriculum will require students to attend scheduled meetings and workshops for one year and produce several sort audio, photo and video documentaries, as well as a longer, 10-minute film at the end of the year.

Senior Sean Glynn, a senior in elondocs who is currently working on his long documentary, said that he has enjoyed being in the new program because it has taught him how to properly film a documentary.

“In the future, I want to travel around (the world) and do documentaries,” Glynn said. “This gives me opportunity and resources I need to fulfill my dream and the chance to hone my skills.”

Glynn also said that the collaborative aspect of the program has been a great help to him.

“It’s a small group,” Glynn said. “So we get really close. We’re all willing to help out on each others’ stories.”

Triche hopes that the elondocs Production Program, with the help and talent of students like Glynn, will continue to be successful and eventually put Elon on the map as a school for not only journalism and cinema, but also for documentaries.

-- by Addie Haney, '14