Published by the School of Communications, Elon University

Behind the Scenes

Twenty faculty members in Elon’s School of Communications served as the Editorial Board for the 2014 fall issue:

  • Janna Anderson
  • Lucinda Austin
  • Vanessa Bravo
  • Naeemah Clark
  • Vic Costello
  • Michael Frontani
  • Kenn Gaither
  • Jessica Gisclair
  • Jonathan Jones
  • Derek Lackaff
  • Julie Lellis
  • Harlen Makemson
  • William Moner
  • Phillip Motley
  • Thomas Nelson
  • George Padgett
  • Michael Skube
  • Jessalyn Strauss
  • Amanda Sturgill
  • Qian Xu

From more than 100 research papers written in advanced School of Communications classes, 23 papers were submitted to the journal by Elon communications students through the encouragement and mentoring of capstone teachers and other professors in the school. Only nine were selected by the board.

Thanks should go to Capstone teachers, Bryan Baker, who videotaped student introductions to their projects, and Colin Donohue, who uploaded the PDF version of this issue and student videos, and Don Grady, who reviewed articles to ensure the quality of the journal.