University Curriculum Committee

Crista Arangala, Mathematics, Chair 2017-18
Dan Wright, At-Large, Chair Pro Tempore 2017-18

The University Curriculum Committee is the standing committee responsible for evaluating and approving curricular changes. To start a draft of a curriculum proposal, submit a new curriculum proposal, view proposals submitted after 8/1/2017 please go to:

We will continue to update this site as the home site for the University Curriculum Committee. Information regarding the curriculum process, timelines, and committees that govern the university’s curriculum can be found on this site, as well as agendas and minutes from meetings from those committees, can be found on this site.

UCC Documents and Links

Curriculum Proposal Process and Timeline
Undergraduate Curriculum Process Flowchart
Graduate Curriculum Process Flowchart
UCC Liaisons 2014-2015: Purposes and Responsibilities
Curriculum Committees - Bylaws (Faculty Handbook, Section I-5)
Curriculum Committees - Policies and Procedures (Faculty Handbook, Section II-12)
Curriculum and Curriculum Changes (Faculty Handbook, Section II-14)