School of Education

Assessment Vision, Mission and Values


Elon University School of Education's Unit of Assessment will be recognized as a model of excellence, embracing and promoting an assessment culture integral to the identity of the School of Education and a source for improving vitality in all aspects of the School.


The Assessment Unit of the School of Education strives to be an innovative and representative arm not only ensuring accountability and improvement but also enhancing the school’s culture of assessment and assessments to

  • support evidence-based decisions for the various aspects of the school
  • help determine what transformation needs to occur to meet our conceptual framework goals.
  • be formative and consequently inform instruction, choices, and inquiry. 
  • help map future planning and highlight past trends. 
  • help to determine relevancy, currency, and immediacy needs of the SOE.
  • initiate or resolve a problem solving incident or the creation of something new or necessary.
  • allow revisiting of the unit focus and illuminate needs for advocacy.
  • help identify challenges and potential support systems. 
  • help us to determine how well we understand our teacher candidates, and other members of the unit.
  • help us to identify what the school or institution values.
  • help us to determine the impact of the unit experience on teacher candidates and other members of the unit.
  • shift the focus from teaching to learning (Huba & Freed, 2000).
  • help define the opportunities available in a unit. 
  • provide insights on the validity and reliability of the assessments themselves and guides in the assessing of the assessment system and processes.
  • heighten unit effectiveness and attainment of unit goals, mission, & vision.
  • focus its efforts on providing support, especially for accreditation purposes, by providing annual external and internal reports, facilitating survey and evaluation implementation, conducting assessment and program evaluation research.
  • represent the SOE in Elon University assessment work, NC (state) Depratment of Public Instruction assessment tasks, and regional and national assessment communities, e.g., NCATE/CAEP.


The Unit of Assessment in the School of Education, values the contributions and colloboration in developing a culture of assessment of the dean, assessment committee, department chairs, directors, program coordinators, other administrators, faculty, staff, students, and key stakeholders in the School and the University.

It strives to adhere to and to follow the national student, program, and personnel evaluation standards developed by the Joint Committee on Standards for Program Evaluation, Guidelines and Standards for Educational Evaluation (AERA, APA), and the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education (Joint Committee on Testing Practices – APA).


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