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Staff accounts for senior-year candidates

Elon has partnered with area school systems to provide you with a staff acount and associated privileges during your senior year internships. Once your school placement has been finalized in fall semester of your senior year, you may begin the process of obtaining a staff account that will give you access to staff email and other privileges that will extend through your spring student teaching experience.

Privileges | Help using tools | ABSS procedures | GCS procedures

Privileges and responsibilities

Remember the school system has invited you to be a guest in one of their schools and has extended access to technology resources to you as if you were a staff member. Those privileges come with responsibilities, and you are expected to behave professionally and use resources responsibly while adhering to stated policies regarding technology use in your school.

Resources to help you learn


  • Be a tech star in your classroom - flyer providing details about fall semester opportunities to learn more about these tools.
  • Tech workshops Google calendar - see fall semester's workshop schedule in calendar view - you can add events to your calendar. Follow the link for a day's topic for a complete description and location.
  • Tech workshops Google Doc - see fall semester's workshop schedule in list format - organized by week and topic.

Other materials

  • SMART wiki - collected resources for using SMART Boards in various ways in your classroom - also has instructions for downloading Notebook software and the code needed to activate it beyond the 30-day trial.
  • Gaggle training videos - learn about features and uses of Gaggle through short videos organized by topic - Gaggle is availabe in both ABSS and GCS.

See school-system specific help resources under school system headings below.

Alamance-Burlington Schools

Procedures and policies


Guilford County Schools