Elon Computing Sciences

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Computing Sciences students at Elon have numerous opportunities to participate in experiential learning through research.

Research opportunities may involve work on campus with Elon professors or work at other institutions. Recent students have worked on improving GPS for phone-based computer gaming, understanding and developing design principles for digital magazines, data mining to understand online communities, and addressing mobile touchscreen security mechanisms,

Students may also elect to participate in research opportunities off campus including ones supported by the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (REU).

Several students have presented their work at regional and national conferences. David Williams '13 and Professor Duke Hutchings won the Best Conference Paper award at the 2013 Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Computing Sciences students and faculty members regularly participate in research supported by SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences), a program sponsored by the Elon Undergraduate Research Program.

Students may also receive financial support for their research as Elon College Fellows, Honors Fellows, and Lumen Prize winners.

Lumen Prize winners in Computing Sciences

  • Colleen Brockmyre, 2012 Lumen scholar and major in Math & Computer Science; Mentor: Joel Hollingsworth
    Project title: Accurate and Timely Absolute Location for Augmented Reality Mobile Applications
  • Jeffrey Stern. 2012 Lumen scholar and major in Information Science & Media Arts & Entertainment; Mentor: Duke Hutchings
    Project title: Exploring user engagement with interactive media through design and analysis of digital magazines;
  • Thomason Price, 2011 Lumen scholar and major in Computer Science; Mentor: Joel Hollingsworth
    Project title: Engineering on the Go: Building a ‘Serious Game’ to Make Games on the Android Platform

Students routinely present their research on campus at the annual SURF (Student Undergraduate Research Forum).

SURF presentations

Spring 2016

C. Dierk and Ukulele-playing robot

Presentations from past years

Past SURF presentations in Computing Sciences

Faculty research interests

Faculty members in Computing Sciences at Elon have expertise in a wide variety of research areas as shown below. Students interested in these or other topics are encouraged to contact the appropriate faculty member for discussion and possible collaboration.

  • Megan Squire: data mining, text mining, big data, database design, machine learning, free and open source software, software engineering practice.
  • Shannon Duvall: Artificial Intelligence, machine learning
  • Joel Hollingsworth: operating systems, distributed processing, networking
  • Duke Hutchings: human-computer interaction, usability, usable security, information visualization
  • Dave Powell: decision analysis tools, genetic algorithms, optimization, rule based systems, genetic programming.
  • Scott Spurlock: computer vision, digital image processing, machine learning