Department of History and Geography

Program Overview

The Department of History and Geography offers four courses of study: the history major and minor, the geography minor and the geographic information systems (GIS) minor.


Courses in the history major and minor center on exploration of various economic, social, political, military and religious forces that have transformed the face of the world. Students combine analytical thinking and writing with a detailed grasp of the many influences that have brought about historical change. History is a discipline that explores the dynamics of change from humanistic and social scientific perspectives.


Geography explores how location affects societies, economics, politics, culture and ecosystems. How does location affect societies, economics, politics, culture and ecosystems? How do we analyze, describe and construct boundaries, both natural and human, which we then impose on the physical and intellectual worlds we live in? The study of geography is much more than maps. It includes study of both the natural world and the varied patterns of human life on both the macro and micro scales.


This minor is designed to provide students with basic knowledge and skills in GIS, remote sensing, cartography, database management and computer technology, and to explore application of these skills in courses selected from a wide variety of disciplines. Students are given hands-on experience with state of the art computer programs and software, giving them skills which are very much in demand in the market place.