History A.B.

The study of history centers around exploration of various economic, social, political, military and religious forces that have transformed the face of the world. It combines analytical thinking and writing with a detailed grasp of the many influences that have brought about historical change.

History is a discipline that explores the dynamics of change from humanistic and social scientific perspectives. Because of the breadth and depth of historical investigation, students who choose to major or minor in history at Elon find themselves well prepared for careers that require interaction with people and the ability to write and think analytically.

History Major Degree Requirements & Courses

Art History A.B.

The major and minor in Art History provide a broad and in-depth study of images and objects from prehistory to the present in a global context. Courses are designed to prepare students for graduate programs in art history, visual culture, cultural studies, museum studies, area studies, classical studies, and critical theory, as well as medical school, law school, and a constantly shifting employment market. An art historian’s primary resources include visual objects themselves, so specialized training in formal analysis is vital to our studies; however, close reading and analysis of written texts and practice writing in a variety of contexts also play a central role in our work.

Art History Degree Requirements & Courses


History Minor

History Minor Requirements & Courses

Art History Minor

Art History Minor Requirements & Courses

Geography Minor

Geography explores how location affects societies, economics, politics, culture and ecosystems. How do we analyze, describe and construct boundaries, both natural and human, which we then impose on the physical and intellectual worlds we live in? The study of geography is much more than maps or knowing where places are located. It includes study of both the natural world and the varied patterns of human life on both the macro and micro scales.

Geography Minor Requirements & Courses

Geographic Information Systems Minor

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) minor is designed to prepare students with the basic training necessary to enter the rapidly expanding field of geographic information science. Employment opportunities are limitless for students who are proficient with this interdisciplinary tool. The U.S. Department of Labor has listed geospatial technologies like GIS as one of the three most important high growth industries in the 21st century. Well-qualified GIS specialists are sought in the areas of business, disaster mitigation, economics, education, emergency management, environmental studies, homeland security, law enforcement, physical sciences, political campaign management, public policy research and analysis, transportation, and urban development and planning. The minor provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in GIS, and opportunities to explore application of these skills in courses selected from a wide variety of disciplines. Students are given hands-on experience with state-of-the-art computer programs and software.

GIS Minor Requirements & Courses

Museum Studies & Public History Minor

The Museum Studies and Public History minor allows students to explore the breadth of our department in a clear and focused way while also meeting Elon’s mission of developing engaged citizens. The minor will offer an introduction to careers in Museum Studies and Public History as well as encourage deeper thinking about expanded audiences and a more engaged public.

Museum Studies & Public History Minor