Katherine Blunt 
History / Journalism
Project title: “The Power of the Fourth Estate: Media Framing of Six Prominent Political Leaders at the Height of Conflict”
Mentor: David Copeland

Bethany Hill
Art History / German Studies
Project title: “Performing the Bride: Visuality, Female Authority, and the Sacred Spaces of Mechthild von Magdeburg’s Flowing Light of the Godhead”
Mentor: David Neville

Rachel Shippee 
International Studies / English
Project title: “Creating Change: Women’s Organizations’ Contribution to Raising Awareness of Women’s Rights”
Mentor: Michael Matthews


MacKenzie Mann
International Studies
Attleboro, MA
Project title: A Façade of Calm: Everyday Resistance and Expression in the Ecuadorian Sierra of the 1960s and 70s
Mentor: Dr. Michael Matthews

Claire Mayo 
History / French
Knoxville, TN
Project title: The Evolution of Charles de Gaulle as France’s Wartime Leader in Great Britain during World War II (1940- 1942)
Mentor: Dr. David Crowe


Elizabeth Capel
Art History
Raleigh, N.C.
Project title: Exploring Gender’s Effects on Collecting Narrative and Behavior
Mentor: Kirstin Ringelberg

Cameron Shirley 
Apex, NC
Project title: Scholars vs. Sites: Analyzing Interpretations of Revolutionary America at Historic Sites in Boston and Philadelphia
Mentor: Dr. Jim Bissett


Jessica McDonald 
History & Sociology
Morehead City, NC
Project title: A Turbulent Evolution: The History of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Groups on U.S. College Campuses
Mentor: Dr. Mary Jo Festle


Christopher Jarrett 
Spanish/ International Studies
Richmond, VA
Project title: Cultural diversity in Contemporary Latin American Indigenous Movements Mentor: Dr. Michael Matthews

Elizabeth Leman 
History/International Studies
Ashburn, VA
Project title: The Evolution of International Humanitarian Law: Case Studies in Germany, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka
Mentor: Dr. David Crowe

Maggie Pahos
Major: Art History/English
Hometown: Hinsdale, Ill.
Mentor: Evan Gatti

Amber Woods
Knoxville, TN
Project title: Ecclesiastical Tensions in Kentucky, 1790-1854
Mentor: Dr. Charles Irons

Renee Zale 
Political Science/International Studies Hopkinton, MA
Project title: International Memory Knots: The Global Impact of Torture in Post-Dictatorship Chile
Mentor: Dr. Michael Matthews


Nichole Rawlings
Art History
Cumming, Ga.
Mentor: Kirstin Ringelberg

Kristine Silvestri
Political Science & Public Administration
Flemington, NJ
Project title: Understanding ‘the Other’ in the United States and Ghana
Mentor: Dr. Heidi Frontani