PHS 381 - Public Health Studies Practicum

General information:

The PHS practicum is a course offered in Winter Term or Summer Session I where students complete at least 100 hours in public health-related agencies and related academic work. 

The primary objectives of this course are for students to: 

a) Implement and improve their ability to integrate academic knowledge and professional practice through experiences;  
b) Develop knowledge and understanding of theories fundamental to contemporary public health practice including: the social ecological model of health promotion, evidence-based public health practice, ethical decision-making, and cultural competence/humility; 
c) Familiarize themselves with the agency’s purpose, structure, funding mechanisms, planning and objectives by participating in activities, services, meetings, case conferences & seminars that are essential to the scope and mission of the organization; and
d) Make a contribution to the organization.

Students have two options for placements:

Local placements:  Students interested in completing their practicum in the local community will be placed in an appropriate agency by the Practicum Instructor. Placements are based on student interest as well as agency capacity. Once a student has been informed of the placement it is the student’s responsibility to contact the field supervisor and take care of any pre-placement requirements such as a background check, TB test, etc. Please do not contact local agencies yourself as we do not want to overwhelm them.

Online placements:  Students can also complete a distance practicum. This option requires student find their own placement in a public health-related agency and share information with the Practicum Instructor regarding their field supervisor’s contact information. Failure to secure an online placement by the due dates listed below may require students to complete practicum at a later time.

Please see the Application Process for Practicum for step-by-step instructions on how to apply.