Student Research


Molly Burgoyne '15 'Rocking Chairs, Yoga Balls, and Fidget Toys: Role of Heightened Sensory Tools on Classroom Performance for Students with Learning Differences'

Kathleen Hupfeld '16  'Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: Behavioral and Neurophysiological Effects on Motor Planning and Motor Learning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder'

2014 SURF (Many of these presented at professional conferences throughout the year)

Kristianne M. Oristian 'Examination of the Impact of Yoga and Mindfulness Training on Brain Cognition and Electrical Activity'

Alexandra J. Solhjou 'The Effects of Bosu Balance Training on Postural Sway in Women'

Mark Timmel 'Short Term Effects of Tens on Balance in a Healthy Population'

Danielle Scheinman & Melanie Witman 'Do Differing Glycemic Index Breakfasts Affect Cognition?'

Jordan Cottle 'Potential Factors Influencing Performance on Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing'

Molly Burgoyne 'Observation of Classroom Performance Using Therapy Balls as a Substitute for Chairs in Elementary Children'

Melanie Witman & Danielle Scheinman 'The Impact of Physical Activity Participation on Cognitive Function Following Different Breakfasts'

Kelly L. Brand 'The Impact of Quercetin Supplementation on Cognition During Vigorous Exercise in College Students'

Eliza A. Hughes 'Physical Activity Patterns in Elementary School Children'

Haley E. Hawkins 'Balance Training for Collegiate Dancers and Cheerleaders'

Jill C. Wozniak & Erin Macbeth 'The Effects of Up Accelerometers on Physical Activity, Motivation and Sleep in Women

Leah Jennings'The Effect of a Rewards Based Intervention on the Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Behaviors of Adolescent Girls'

Jack D. Halligan 'The Effect of Concussions on Cognitive Function in Asymptomatic NCAA Collegiate Student-Athletes'

Graham D. Cochrane 'Balance and Cognitive Load in College Athletes'


Molly Burgoyne 'The role of therapy ball seating on classroom performance: Understanding the physiological mechanisms

Graham Cochrane 'Effects of catechol-O-methyl transferase and dopamine receptor D2 genotypes on performance on computerized neurocognitive task performance in colegiate student athletes'

Jordan Cottle 'Neurocognitive performance and concussions: Influence of headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders and exercise'

Emily Messerschmidt 'Changes in gait are more sensitive to current symptoms than history of concussion among varsity athletes'

Lauren Packard  'An investigation of the mirror neuron system activation in expert dances and their performance on a novel task'

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Fall  2015 Term Practicum Coordinator

Dr. Barry Beedle

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Winter 2016 Term Practicum Coordinator

Dr. Caroline Ketcham

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Spring 2015 Term Practicum Coordinator  

Dr. Barry Beedle

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Summer 2015 Practicum Coordinator

Dr. Joyce Davis

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