Commitment to Inclusivity Statement in Exercise Science

The Department of Exercise Science believes there is strength in diversity.  Diversity of thought and people includes, but is not limited to: race; gender identity; national origin; ethnicity; religion; social class; age; sexual orientation; political background; physical and learning ability. The Department of Exercise Science believes in the scientific method. However, while it is believed that science is unbiased, the department recognizes that there are inherent biases in the human work of doing science (e.g., privileged voices, lack of representation in participants, scientists, and how science is translated to practice). Therefore, one goal of our department is to help students view science and their professional field through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion with an appreciation for diversity. The Department of Exercise Science will strive to help students gain the knowledge and skills to work with diverse people and also to engage in conversations around issues related to inclusivity and equity in their professions and communities.

Department of Exercise Science: Shared Philosophy

  • Respect for diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and ideas as the foundation of inclusive science
  • Value the beliefs others that are different from one’s own is essential
  • Developing authentic social connections and relationships is a cornerstone of learning
  • Create an environment where students and faculty are comfortable using their voice
  • Empower students and faculty to reject bigotry and bias

The Department of Exercise Science values creating a strong coherence between our words and our actions in order to nurture a culture that supports the values stated above. As active members of this Departmental community, the Department of Exercise Science expects every member to hold each other accountable to our Core Beliefs and Values.

Elon University has policy and procedures in place to facilitate the reporting incidents of bias, discrimination, harassment, and hate: