Concussion FAQ sheets:

Mission of Elon BrainCARE Research Institute:

The focus of Elon BrainCARE has been on elevating the quality of the mentored undergraduate research experience through concussion research and education as a result of an ongoing partnership with athletics. Elon BrainCARE has organized an annual symposiums, published peer-reviewed articles, presented at national and international organizations, and submitted multiple grants to external agencies. This work is a result of collaborations with students, staff, and faculty at Elon as well as University of Delaware, University of North-Carolina (Chapel Hill and Greensboro) and Harvard. Through this growth the aims have now expanded.

Elon BrainCARE Research Institute has expanded the scope of our work to provide support and resources to empower students and student-athletes to thrive. Our mission is two-fold: 1) help create a supportive environment for students and student-athletes to become educated concerning the potential impact of concussions through evidence based practices and research; and 2) to create health promoting environments that support resilience and positive mental wellness.


  • Dr. Eric Hall, Professor of Exercise Science and Faculty Athletic Representative, Elon University
  • Dr. Caroline Ketcham, Professor and Chair of Exercise Science, Elon University

Support Elon BrainCARE Research Institute:

While we continually pursue external funding for our research, we do serve our students and student-athletes at Elon with concussion management testing and resources as well as education around mental wellness and concussion knowledge. Donations to Elon BrainCARE support baseline testing software, student and faculty travel to disseminate work, speakers for our annual symposium, and more. We are always looking for partners to help in specific ways, or general support for our mission.

5th Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium

Thursday April 5, 2018
Mental Health and the Student-Athlete: Innovative CARE
Lakeside Meeting Room 212, Moseley Center
6 – 9 pm

The 5th Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium will educate the Elon community about the ever important issues surrounding mental health in student-athletes as well as other busy, high achieving students. This symposium hopes to shed light on new, innovative programs that will allow all students and student-athletes to perform to their full potential through the creation of supportive environments. Sponsored by Elon BrainCARE Research Institute; Department of Exercise Science, Neuroscience Program and Department of Physical Therapy Education.
This event is free and open to the public.

Past Symposiums

  • 4th Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (April, 2017), Elon Unversity, Elon, NC
  • 3rd Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (February, 2016), Elon University, Elon, NC.
  • 2nd Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (May, 2015), Elon University, Elon, NC.
  • 1st Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (April, 2014), Elon University, Elon, NC

Information for Athletes regarding Concussions

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