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Concussion FAQ sheets:

Mission of Elon BrainCARE Research Institute:

Elon BrainCARE Research Institute is a model of the seamless integration of service, teaching, mentoring, and scholarship that is a hallmark of the Elon Teacher-Scholar. Elon BrainCARE is an interdisciplinary research institute within the College of Arts and Sciences at Elon University. Our mission is to be both a leader and a partner in the facilitation of supportive environments and programs that foster, promote, and nurture a positive mental health climate (e.g., sports medicine, athletics, campus recreation and wellness, counseling services, etc.). To fulfill this mission we also firmly believe we need to be both grounded in, and contribute to, the scholarship in the field around concussion management and education; identity development through sport; and access to high-impact practices.

Elon BrainCARE is actively pursuing multiple areas of inquiry. We implement and practice high quality mentoring of undergraduate students, graduate interns, and high school students from Elon University as well as other institutions. Below are the current ongoing lines of inquiry.

  • Providing service, resources, and education to our campus through baseline and follow-up testing for concussion management and promoting this work to the campus and community
  • Developing, supporting and assessing a climate of positive mental health and Act-Belong-Commit initiatives for the campus
  • Examining high impact practices (e.g., community engagement, undergraduate research, global engagement, e-Portfolios) in student-athletes and enhancing the student-athlete experience


  • Dr. Eric Hall, Professor of Exercise Science and Director of Undergraduate Research, Elon University
  • Dr. Caroline Ketcham, Professor of Exercise Science, Elon University

Support Elon BrainCARE Research Institute:

While we continually pursue external funding for our research, we do serve our students and student-athletes at Elon with concussion management testing and resources as well as education around mental wellness and concussion knowledge. Donations to Elon BrainCARE support baseline testing software, student and faculty travel to disseminate work, speakers for our annual symposium, and more. We are always looking for partners to help in specific ways, or general support for our mission.


HealthEU (

For resources on the Act-Belong-Commit Framework (

Past Symposiums

  • Men’s Mental Health Summit (November 2021)
  • Mental Health Summit (September 2019)
  • 6th Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium “Making an Impact on the Field of Concussions: Women in Science and Management” (March, 2019)
    • Speakers: Kristy Arbogast; Johna Register-Mihalek; Jillian Urban; Donna Duffy; Caroline Ketcham; Alanna Conder; Heather Colleran; Melissa Bowie; Veronica Mondaco; Haley Daley; Lauren Brown; Kelsey; Katie Arbogast
  • 5th Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium “Mental Health and the Student-Athlete: Innovative Care” (April, 2018)
    • Speakers: Emily Beamon; Robert L Conder; J.D. DeFreese; Scarlett Ruppert
  • 4th Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium “Mental Health, Resilience and Concussion Knowledge in College Students (April, 2017)
    • Speakers: Nikki Barczak; Zachary Kerr; Emily Kroshus; Jeff Milroy; Lindsey Sanders; Marie Shaw; Brent Walker
  • 3rd Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (February, 2016)
    • Speakers: Kelsey Evans; Jessie Oldham; Rob Lynall; Michael J. Petrizzi; Michelle Landry; Michelle Krishel; Christopher Neal; Richard Strosky
  • 2nd Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (May, 2015)
    • Speakers: Jay Alberts; Marty Baker; Tom Buckley; Cayce Crenshaw; Derek Lawrance; Carly Ledbetter; Kirtida Patel; Mark Sundman; Mary Tendler; Eleanna Varangis; Ethan Williams
  • 1st Annual Elon BrainCARE Symposium (April, 2014)
    • Speakers: Kenneth Barnes; Joseph Devaney; Matthew Kostek; Kirtida Patel; Robert Roche; Christopher Vaughan

Information for Athletes regarding Concussions

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