Standardized Safety Precautions for COVID-19 in Exercise Science Labs

Fall 2020

  1. Only come to class if you are not sick or showing signs of being sick. Inform your professor immediately if you are not feeling well and may need to miss class. (Note: class attendance policy is in play here)
  2. Limit how much of your personal belongings you are bringing to the lab. Less is best! Leave coats, bags, etc. in designated spaces for limited exposure to others and their belongings.
  3. You are responsible for wearing a mask in the lab at all times. Please note that some science labs may require specific types of masks to be worn so they do not lead to further safety issues. Those instructors will alert you to these concerns. If you are outside, you are still required to use a mask during lab time.
  4. If you wear a cloth mask in the lab, make sure to wash that mask immediately once you return to your room.  Laboratories are full of possible contaminants beyond COVID-19.
  5. It is best practice to wash your hands with soap and water once you ENTER the lab room and at the end of the laboratory, prior to LEAVING the room. You should also wash your hands between tests and after cleaning equipment/surfaces. Hand washing should last at least 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday if you are not sure how long that is). Hand washing is one of the best ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19. However, you may be outside for the lab and in this case, hand sanitizer is a good alternative.
  6. If you wear gloves, do not leave the room with them unless instructed to do so by your professor. Make sure to take your gloves off by using the proper technique so that you do not contaminate your own hands! Finally, make sure the used gloves are deposited into the appropriate garbage receptacle within the lab.
  7. Maintain social distance as much as possible during laboratory time. If you must come near others, limit the time near the other person as much as possible.
  8. At the end of laboratories, saturate a cloth and wipe down your workstation with the appropriate sanitizing cleaners and follow the guidelines presented by your professor.
  9. If you use your personal computer, cell phone, or calculator – consider cleaning that too prior to leaving the room. Please consult with your manufacturer about the best way to clean your electronics.
  10. Some labs will have Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements specific to that discipline.  Make sure you listen to your professor for any specific instructions.
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  • I have read and understood the Safety Instructions for COVID-19 in the Exercise Science Lab. I understand it is my responsibility to help maintain a healthy environment for everyone.