Below is a list of our published products related to Elon BrainCARE work. Many of these are with undergraduate researchers and others work establishing collaborations with colleagues across the field. In addition we have over 50 presentations at professional conferences and several invited presentations. If you are interested in our work please reach out. We are always interested in expanding partnerships and collaborations.

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             we are site PIs as part of the Active Rehab Study Consortium Investigators

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External Research Grants (received)

“The Elon Concussion Project:  The influence of Concussion History and Genetic Markers on Cognitive Performance in College Students-Athletes.” Funded $16,060 from American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. Co-investigators: Drs. Ken Barnes, Walter Bixby, Eric Hall Paul Miller and Stephen Folger.  February 2012.

“Influence of concussion history on cognitive performance in college student-athletes: A cross-sectional and longitudinal examination.” Funded $16,995 from American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. Co-investigators: Drs. Ken Barnes, Walter Bixby, Eric Hall, Paul Miller and Stephen Folger.  January 2011.

“Optimizing evidence-based strategies to increase sport-related concussion reporting by collegiate student-athletes’. Funded $400,000 from NCAA Mind Matters Challenge. University of North Carolina Greensboro. Consultant: Drs. Eric Hall; Caroline Ketcham

“Management and treatment of sport-related concussion: Early multidimensional rehabilitation versus enhanced graded exercise” Funded by NFL. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Intervention Site: Elon Dr. Eric Hall and Dr. Caroline Ketcham