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Adventure Based Learning Minor

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Adventure Based Learning (ABL) is the "...deliberate use of sequenced adventure activities, particularly games, trust activities and problems solving initiatives - for the personal and social development of participants" (Cosgriff, 2000). ABL is based on a philosophy "which in essence states that individuals are usually more capable (mentally, emotionally and phyiscally) than they perceive themselves to be, and if given the opportunity to TRY in a supportive atmospher, can discover this excellence within themselves" (Rohke, 1989).

The Adventure Based Learning Minor:

  • an innovative minor designed to offer Elon students a curriculum rooted in critical thinking, real-world challenges and experiential learning;
  • ...promotes cross-disciplinary skills for collaboration, leadership, and team-building and, thus augments other major disciplinary studies (i.e., Education, Environmental Studies, Human Service Studies, Psychology);
  • ...prepares students for careers in the travel and tourism industry, green tourism, outdoor centers, guides for outdoor adventure experiences, and graduate studies in leadership.

"The sense of not only community, but family, I felt in our class was off the wall... Who'd have thought a group of such different people would have something so in common."

- Ali McCorkle, Class of 2018

For more information, contact Dr. Carol A. Smith or Professor Amanda Tapler

Adventure Based Learning Minor Courses and Requirements

Student who participate in NOLS, Outward Bound or Semester at Sea can petition to the Program Coordinator for subsitution for elective credit(s). Students will receive no more than 4 semester hours for participation in NOLS, Outward Bound and/or Semester at Sea.

Other courses as approved by the Program Coordinator.

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Health & Human Performance Department
School of Education