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Wellness and Health Education

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The Wellness and Health Education minor is located in the Department of Health and Human Performance in the School of Education.  The minor includes an examination of disease determinants, theories and strategies for behavior change, methods for effective delivery and evaluation of health education programs, design and implementation techniques for health education in diverse communities thus preparing students to be successful professionals in the field, to pursue certifications related to the field of health education and/or pursue graduate school.   This minor is an excellent complement to majors such as Communications, Psychology, Public Health Studies, Human Service Studies, Education and Sport and Event Management.

Health Educators work to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness through educating individuals and communities about behaviors that promote healthy living and prevent diseases and other health problems.  A minor in Wellness and Health Education prepares students to create and deliver health and wellness programming in settings such as hospitals, community health departments, non-profit health agencies, worksite wellness programs and graduate work in health education and related fields. The minor focuses on nationally recognized competencies (possession, application and interpretation of knowledge in the 7 areas of responsibilities of health educators) preparing students to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam.

Wellness and Health Education Minor Requirements and Courses

A minor in Wellness and Health Education requires the following courses:

HED 230 Perspective in Health Promotion: Foundation to Function (counts in society) 4 sh
HED 350 Program Assessment, Evaluation and Design 4 sh
IDS 285 Perspective in Personal and Global Health 4 sh

Note: Students planning to pursue becoming a Certified Health Specialist (CHES) should take a research
course related to the field.

12 semester hours chosen from the following courses listed below. 12 sh
COR 324 Substance Abuse and Human Behavior  
COR 326 Human Sexuality  
COR 406 Women's Health Issues  
COM 337 Health Communications  
EDU 211 School and Society  
EDU 450 Teaching Diverse Learners in Middle and Secondary Schools  
HED 235 Inactivity: The Threat of a Modern Lifestyle  
PEH 324 Nutrition  
2 semester hours course options: (2 max)  
HED 111-116 Contemporary Wellness Themed Courses  
PEH 211 Foundations of Physical Education and Health  
PEH 362 Healthful Living in the Elementary School  
24 sh