School of Education

Frequently Asked Questions for the Coaching Minor

Can the internship be completed in the summer?

Yes, the internship can be completed in the summer, fall, winter or spring term.

What level of coaching does the minor prepare me for?

The coursework can be applied to athletics from youth sports through collegiate sports.

When and how do I sign up for the internship?

The internship should be completed toward the end of your course work.  The semester BEFORE you would be completing the internship you should contact Professor Lynda Butler-Storsved at  or 336-278-5240 to set up a meeting. 

I have played sports all of my life, what more could a coaching minor give me?

Playing a sport does not necessarily prepare someone to coach a sport. Coaching is much more than knowing the skills and strategies of the sport.  The Coaching Minor provides an in depth study of how to coach effectively in several domains.

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