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Health and Wellness Learning Community    

The Health and Wellness Learning Community is a perfect opportunity for students interested in maintaining and improving their well-being through a holistic approach to living and learning. It incorporates activities that help students define and fulfill their personal needs and interests in various wellness dimensions, including intellectual, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, vocational and environmental.

The goal of this learning community is to provide a supportive living-learning environment fostering success through activities in the areas of physical health and emotional wellness, academic support/intellectual wellness and community development/social wellness. To that end, residents of the HWLC participate in both academic and social events together throughout the year.

Current students report that participating in the learning community has helped them:

  • Identify, understand and incorporate into their lifestyle a personal definition of wellness that integrates mind, body and spirit
  • Understand the impact and ramifications of lifestyle choices both from a personal and community perspective
  • Invest in a broad range of integrated, interdisciplinary forums and/or services learning projects to facilitate the development of a variety of strategies that promote health lifestyle choices for self, for the Elon Community and the global society
  • Take leadership roles and share the responsibility of planning, creating and engaging in learning community activities
  • Challenge themselves, through healthful living practices, to strive for wholeness and balance in their lives.

Students in the Health and Wellness Learning Community often engage in:

  • Self reflection
  • Team building
  • Experiences in a variety of health and wellness activities
  • Exploration of health and wellness opportunities personally and professionally
  • Compare/contrast possible service opportunities, internships, research opportunities and professions

If you would like to find out more about how to be part of this community, contact  professor Amanda Tapler.

About Living-Learning Communities at Elon

Residential Living-Learning Communities at Elon University include a rich variety of intentional student communities designed to connect students, faculty and staff around curricular and co-curricular themes and interests. Through shared purpose these communities support and enhance students’ academic, personal and social development and success.
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