Power Up Programs (PUPS)

The Power Up Programs offer students the opportunity to learn and grow outside the classroom through volunteering in Alamance Girls in Motion (AGIM), Girls to Empowered Teens (GET) or the CHAMPS program (Coaching Health and Mentoring Positive Students). Student volunteers are matched one on one with a participating child from the community for health education, physical activity and mentorship.

Alamance Girls in Motion

Alamance Girls in Motion is an eight-week program that matches college women, one-on-one, with young girls ages 9-11 in a mentoring relationship for health education and skill building in sports/fitness in order to increase self-esteem and set the stage for an overall healthy lifestyle in the future.


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CHAMPS: Coaching Health and Mentoring Positive Students

The purpose of CHAMPS is to offer a program addressing behaviors that contribute to obesity in children in Alamance County by building self confidence in young boys through instruction in sport skills, education on healthy eating habits, and promoting positive behaviors and attitudes through mentoring relationships with male students at Elon University.

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GET: Girls to Empowered Teens

The mission of the Girls to Empowered Teens (G.E.T) program is to empower middle school girls to make healthy choices through education, the use of college women as mentors, and skill building in sports/fitness and communication in an effort to enhance self esteem, build social support and self efficacy, and improve overall health.

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