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School of Law

Statement Regarding ABA Approval

American Bar Association Standards require that each new law school
seeking provisional approval provide the following statement:

The Dean is fully informed as to the Standards and Rules of Procedure
for the Approval of Law Schools by the ABA. The Administration and
the Dean are determined to devote all necessary resources and in
other respects to take all necessary steps to present a program of
legal education that will qualify for approval by the ABA. The Law
School makes no representation to any applicant that it will be
approved by the ABA prior to the graduation of any matriculating

Elon intends to take all necessary steps to create an outstanding
law school that will qualify for accreditation by the American Bar
Association at the earliest possible date. The strategy is to exceed
the ABA's primary requirements regarding resources, faculty,
facilities, library, educational program and admissions. Assembling
an outstanding law facility and library, hiring well-qualified
faculty and staff, and creating a solid financial plan were the most
important first steps toward meeting this goal.

Elon's founding dean and librarian successfully guided
other law schools through the ABA accreditation process, and
their experience and extensive knowledge of ABA Standards
will be invaluable. The school's other faculty and administrators
also have extensive experience at ABA-approved law schools.

The ABA timeline will allow Elon to earn provisional approval as
early as summer 2008. This will allow members of the charter
class to graduate from an approved law school with full rights to
sit for the bar exam in any state. The ABA timeline is as follows:

Fall 2007 -- Elon applies for provisional ABA approval

Fall 2007 -- ABA representatives make inspection
visits, examine all aspects of the program and prepare
inspection report

Winter/Spring 2008 -- ABA representatives review
report and make recommendation concerning approval

Summer 2008 -- Elon first becomes eligible for
provisional ABA approval, giving students and
graduates the same recognition and rights as those
from fully approved law schools

Summer 2010 -- Elon first becomes eligible for full
ABA approval

Elon University and its Greensboro partners have invested
millions of dollars with the intention of creating a highly
ranked law school. Enrolling excellent students, developing an
outstanding program, assembling the best faculty, keeping class
sizes small and focusing on student success will position the
school to reach that goal. The ultimate measure of our success
will be outstanding graduates who pass the bar and, capitalizing
on the excellent head start they attain at Elon, have productive
and enjoyable careers.