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School of Law

Welcome to the Elon Law Library

Welcome to the Elon University School of Law Library, the intellectual heart and cultural center of the Law School. With regard to the intellectual mission, the Law Library collection, in depth and breadth, compares favorably with more established ABA-approved law schools and is considerably larger than typical academic law libraries at their earliest stage of development. Specifically, the collection is particularly strong in Leadership titles, U.S. Supreme Court materials, State of North Carolina monographs and treatises, and other emerging fields of law such as Bioethics/Biotechnology and the Law of the Internet. All the generally accepted formats found in today’s academic law libraries are utilized in the Elon Law Library, including a variety of electronic databases.

Students, faculty, and external patrons also appreciate the latest in wireless technology offered by the Elon Law Library. Access is available both inside and outside the physical facility, and remote access to the Library’s electronic databases will be available in the future.

The Law Library as cultural center recognizes the close relationship between a positive environment and its eventual use by patrons. This concept relies on having as few impediments as possible for patrons to use the library facility and its services. Thus, food and drink are allowed in the Elon Law Library without the intervention of any library food police and quiet conversation will also be allowed, thus hopefully negating the need to hire “shush” sheriffs for the library staff. With regard to the food and drink policy, we only ask that you clean up after yourselves and ask you to be mindful with regard to the quiet policy that you converse in such a way that you don’t unduly disturb your neighbors. Please remember that these policies are a privilege and not right, thus they can be revoked at any time by the library administration. Ultimately, the Law Library will be what each and every one of you makes it, so please respect the fact that it is a professional library and not a cafeteria or bus station.

A “Law and Popular Culture Video Collection” has been created in the Library, thus providing insights to how Hollywood views the American Criminal Justice system and the American Legal System in general. A Notebook Computer Checkout program will be established as well.

The library staff has an open door policy and a very high service level orientation. A student-centered approach is behind everything we do in the Elon Law Library.

So, please come and visit us often. We continue to create a library that you will be proud of and an atmosphere that you will enjoy and prosper in throughout your three years in Greensboro.