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School of Law

What is the Office of Professional Recruitment, Development and Placement?

Dr. Marty Peters teachingStudents and faculty at the Elon University School of Law are fully and constructively engaged in the optimum development of each student’s knowledge, skill and personal attributes, and in the improvement of our system of justice. The School of Law does not have separate offices of admissions and placement. Rather, Elon has a single Office of Professional Recruitment, Development and Placement. The goal of this office is to facilitate a seamless process in which Elon faculty, staff and students work together to discover, develop and release their creative potential to help make the world a better place.

What is the Academic Support Function of the Office of Professional Recruitment, Development and Placement?

It is an enhancement program designed to help students achieve their law study goals.

What are its Goals?

We provide academic enhancement for law students. We aid in making the study of law accessible to all students and expand students’ perceptions of possibilities on how to approach their law study.

We provide academic support. We help new students improve their study habits and test-taking skills which will in turn make their transition to law study efficient.
We help students enhance their oral and written communication skills.

What kinds of programs are offered?

We offer lectures on law study and exam taking skills and workshops on study routines and guidelines, as well as individual appointments for students.
We offer web-based assistance, such as that found under the study aids link on this web page.