Internships For First- or Second-Year Students

One of the objectives of the Elon University Noyce Scholars Program is to recruit STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors and develop their interest in education. Each year, we will arrange paid, education-related internships for 10 first- or second-year students who express interest in STEM disciplines. These internships will include a variety of settings, experiences, and schedules. The total duration of each internship will be 180 hours; interns will be paid $14.00 per hour, for a total of $2,520 before taxes and other withholdings.

Internships will provide experiences that strengthen participants’ STEM expertise and foster interest in STEM education. Students have a number of different opportunities for Noyce internships, including working with:

Students can also work with the Elon Noyce Scholars Program to design an internship experience working with other STEM-education related organizations in the region, or even an intership that takes place farther away from the Elon campus. For example, past interns have worked at the St. Louis Science Center and the Brookside Nature Center in Maryland. To enhance the quality of the internship experience, a stipend will be provided to a STEM education mentor at each internship site.

Contact Jeff Carpenter if you have questions about internship opportunities or the application process.

We are now accepting applications for summer '17 internships.

Noyce Interns at work with Elon Academy students