Committee Members

The membership of the Common Reading Committee reflects the major audience for the reading, first-year students, and those most responsible for integrating it into curricular and co-curricular programs. The committee’s chair, the Director of General Studies, is responsible for recruiting other members. Committee members represent the areas in the First-Year Core where we expect the Common Reading will be used each year (General Studies 110 and English 110) and Elon 101. The Dean and Assistant to the Dean of Cultural and Special Programs serve on the committee because their office arranges major forums for discussing the book. Two students will be recruited to serve on the committee.

Current membership:

Jeffrey Coker, Common Reading Committee Chair / Director of the Elon Core Curriculum
Steve Braye, GST 110 Faculty Representative
Greg Hlavaty, ENG 110 Faculty Representative
Marna Winter, Faculty Representative
Nina Namaste, Faculty Representative
Kyle Porro, First-Year Vice President, Student Representative
Mary Gorman, Student Representative
Jeff Clark, Executive Director of Cultural and Special Programs
Patti Gibbons, Associate Director of Cultural and Special Programs
Jason Springer, Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Director of Elon 101
Shannon Tennant, Catalog Librarian