Written Questions from the Audience

Instead of letting government socialize our healthcare, don’t you believe it would work better to let doctors compete in an open market? People could shop around for the best prices, causing the cost to be affordable.

Why can't the U.S. have not-for-profit health insurance?

The panel has focused on citizens... what do we owe non-citizens who live in our country/in Alamance County?

What exactly constitutes "basic" healthcare? Does everyone use the same definition?

Should employers offer health insurance to their employees?

Is it true that to have insurance on January 1st you must sign up before December 15th? ie) If one waits until after 12/15, they won't have insurance until 1/31 at the earliest (if they isgn up by 1/15).

Do you really want the government to have the power to control your lifestyle? Freedom means being able to make your own decisions... good or bad.

Does anyone worry that [providing] Federal solutions to our social ills creates an entitled mentality, taking away the pride of individual achievement and providing your part toward the community good?

America will have difficulty accepting the cost of health insurance for everyone. Has anyone though about eliminating third parties and the huge cost of insurance freeing up billions to be pointed towards actual healthcare? With the Hippocratic Oath the medical community might be better able to provide care without the burden of the third party bureaucracy.

How can we get the NC legislature to change the laws governing “assisted living memory care”? Current law does not require a registered nurse on campus 24/7. Current level of education is a high school education and 20 hours of training for a med tech – unacceptable.

What consideration will be given to dementia/Alzheimer’s patients in reference to inability by the patient or the family to have the financial resources to see that they can have the care they deserve?

If no one can be denied medical insurance with the new Affordable Care Act, what is the motivation for a young healthy person to obtain health insurance until just time that they become ill/sick? 1% penalty of $100,000 a year is only $1,000 and the vast majority of young people between 18-34 make nowhere near $100,000 a year.

How does Alamance regional medical center price their products/services? How should hospitals price?

What diseases and chronic conditions [can be] cured or reduced to insignificance in the next 40 to 50 years? What effects might such [improvements] have on the issues we confront?

Healthcare affordable for everyone; how can this be achieved?

Can certain foods such as fruits/vegetables/nuts prevent Alzheimer’s? Has the rate of people with Alzheimer’s increased over the years and do we know why/why not?

Duty to die? Can dying be sped up? Isn’t mental health open-ended? Therefore costs are unlimited?

How do you propose to address the issue of individual responsibility to maintain one’s own health by exercising [and] avoiding poor diet, smoking, alcohol, and drug use?

Medicare started in 1966 based on then mortality rates – life expectancies are very different in 2013. Comments?

Besides “reducing” medical costs and insuring young healthy adults, please list the various additional fees, taxes, or assessments that will be used to fund the Affordable Care Act.

Part of the problem is controlling healthcare costs. Chat can be done to control costs? Sharing technology? Bargaining for drug prices?

We commit a tremendous portion of our national budget to our military. Should healthcare be seen the same way?

Please comment about the transition of medical care reimbursement from fee-for-service to reimbursement for value/quality locally. Will healthcare costs be lowered?