EU Debate Election Teams 2012

John Cameron Crowder: Class of 2016, Public Administration major
Hannah Ignasher: Class of 2014, Public Health Studies major
Carly Ledbetter: Class of 2013, History and Strategic Communications majors
Jeremy Teetor: Assistant Bursar for Information Management
Ben Waldon: Class of 2013, Political Science major

Natalie Cuzmenco: Class of 2014, Accounting major
Martin Fowler: Lecturer, Philosophy
David Gagne: Class of 2013, International Studies major
Austin Pederson: Class of 2016, Entrepreneurship major
Wesley I. Rose: Class of 2014, Music major

Emily Ackers: Class of 2015, Sociology and Psychology majors 
Ameya Benegal: Class of 2016, Political Science major
Ala Eddine Maaref: Class of 2014, Finance major
Muhammad Musah: Class of 2014, International Economics major
Nicole Payne: Class of 2015, Piano Performance and International Studies majors

D. Patrick Brown: Class of 2014, Economics and Political Science majors
Jack Minor, Jr.: Class of 2013, Broadcast Journalism and Political Science majors
Joseph Perron: Class of 2014, Accounting major
Mark Rehbein: Class of 2013, Media Arts and Entertainment and Strategic Communications majors
Rebecca Sansale: Class of 2016, Economics major