Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

CITI Training Instructions
CITI Training Modules

Faculty and staff involved in research with human participants are required to complete the online CITI training tutorial. Click on the link below to begin.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Instructions for Completing CITI Training Modules

  1. Go to the
  2. Register where indicated.
  3. Affiliate yourself with Elon University by selecting "Elon University" from the first dropdown box indicating "Participating Institutions", found within the "Select Your Institution or Organization" screen. Failure to affiliate with Elon University will prevent access to the correct Elon University education modules.
  4. Create a user ID and password for ongoing access to the online training courses.
  5. Complete the demographic profile and provide accurate contact information to facilitate with ongoing communication of continuing IRB training information.
  6. Select Add a Course or Update Learner Tools from My Learner Tools for Elon University. Be sure to select appropriate learner group based on your role: Biomedical Research Investigators, Social and Behavioral Research Investigators, Students Conducting Minimal Risk Studies from Question 1. For all other questions, you should select "not at this time." The learner group selected should be based on the type of research you will be conducting. Be sure to select "not at this time" for all remaining questions - #2, 3, 4, and 5.
  7. If you have previously registered, enter your user ID and password as indicated and proceed with completion of required modules.
  8. If you have previously registered with CITI, but not affiliated yourself with Elon University, please go to "affiliate with Another Institution" on your Learner Menu and select Elon University. Required training modules will populate "My Courses" on your Learner Menu.
  9. Upon completion of the appropriate CITI course, the CITI coordinating center at the University of Miami will electronically send module scores and course completion certificates to the Elon University CITI administrator. The minimum cumulative passing score for each module is 80 percent. In the event this score is not achieved, the researcher will be asked to repeat that module.
  10. You can view and print a copy of your completion certificate by clicking on "Previous coursework completed" followed by "Coursework completed for Elon University" and "Print CR" to display your certificate of completion. Since you may be asked to provide documentation of human subjects protection training at various times, it is recommended you print a copy of your certificate of completion as soon as you complete your training. These will also be reviewed and maintained by the Elon University CITI course administrator.


I completed the CITI required modules. However, I lost my new CITI certificate. What do I do?

Log on to CITI ( Go to Completion Reports and print a new certificate.

I forgot my CITI password. What do I do?

Log on to CITI ( Go to Forgot Username or Password . They will give you your password information. CITI keeps your email and password information.

How long will this take?

Each module is followed by a few short questions. Anticipate 2-5 hours, depending on your Learner Group, to complete the required modules. The modules may be completed in multiple sessions. You do not have to complete them all at once. CITI will keep track of where you are each time you log out.

Some modules look more interesting than others. Why can't I do them in the order I want to? I would like to skip around.

CITI is structured for the required modules to be taken in order, in many cases one building upon the last. Once you complete the required modules, you may take any or all of the optional modules in the sequence you prefer.

What is the Course Completion History ?

CITI keeps track of your progress in what is called a Course Completion History. You can click on the Course Completion History to see how many modules you have completed, your score, and the date you completed each one. Also, the Course Completion History shows you which required modules you have yet to complete, and provides a list of optional modules you may complete after you have successfully finished the required modules.

What am I being graded on?

In order to receive a CITI certificate, you must pass a quiz at the end of each module. An overall score of 80% or better is needed to receive your certificate. The completion certificate does not show your grade; only the Course Completion History shows it. The Course Completion History is available to you for viewing or to print out.

When will I need to renew my certification?

Certification should be renewed every four years. The renewal should occur within the two months prior to the certification expiration.


Social & Behavioral Research Investigators

Belmont Report and CITI Course Instruction
Students in Research - SBR
History and Ethical Principles - SBR
Defining Research with Human Subjects - SBR
The Regulations and The Social and Behavioral Sciences - SBR
Assessing Risk in Social and Behavioral Sciences - SBR
Informed Consent - SBR
Privacy and Confidentiality - SBR
Elon University

Students-Class Projects

Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction
Students in Research - SBR
Elon University

Biomedical Research Modules

Belmont Report and CITI Course Instruction
History and Ethical Principles
Basic Institutional Review Board (IRB) Regulations and Review Process
Informed Consent
Social and Behavioral Research for Biomedical Researchers
Research With Protected Populations - Vulnerable Subjects: An Overview
Group Harms: Research With Culturally or Medically Vulnerable Groups
HIPAA and Human Subjects Research
Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human Subjects
Elon University