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Elon Peace Corps Prep Program        

The Peace Corps Prep Program is a formal cooperative agreement between Elon University and the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps and Elon University are a natural fit. Elon’s values of global citizenship, experiential learning, study abroad, service and academic rigor are in line with Peace Corps values.

Elon Peace Corps Prep Program currently covers three Peace Corps Services areas, the environment, agriculture, and global health.

The Environmental Science and Agriculture track prepares students with skills in sustainable agriculture, responsible architecture, and environmental management. This provides each student with a basic skill set the Peace Corps and its participatory countries need for successful community projects.

The Global Health Track provides students with a broad understanding of factors which influence human health across the globe. Coursework includes a focus on the cultural meaning of health and illness as well as drawing attention to the role that poverty and inequity plays in health disparities across contexts. The Global Health Track would be especially relevant to those students who wish to work in low resource communities addressing health-related issues. 

This preparation also helps each participant maximize their Peace Corps service and personal experiences. While the program does not guarantee acceptance into Peace Corps, students participating in the program will gain skills which are an advantage in the competitive Peace Corps application process and in other international development work. Read more about the partnership here.

“Elon University encourages its students to make a difference by becoming global leaders through community service and international study,” said acting Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. “Elon couldn’t be a better fit for the Peace Corps Prep program. We are thrilled to welcome them as a partner.”

If you are interested in the Elon Peace Corps Prep Program, sign up here.

"Diving into another new culture and language after Elon was the hardest and best thing I have done on many personal and professional levels. I have been back to my host country a couple times, and the friendships and working relationships continue to show that Peace Corps is an excellent way for the people of the USA to learn and share in beautifully humanizing ways." - Greg Halzen, '03, Volunteered in Bulgaria 2004-2006

Events & News

Elon experience helped prepare Josh Kaufmann ’15 for Peace Corps

His passion for community-based work and leadership roles while at Elon helped prepare Kaufman for a meaningful Peace Corps experience.

Elon’s Peace Corps prep program sees new leadership, expanded options

The program has seen continued growth and success in recent years, with Elon named as a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers by the service organization earlier this year. A fall kick-off celebration for the program will be held on Oct. 30.

Elon celebrates new Peace Corps volunteers

Elon, which in February was named a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers, this week recognized five students who will be joining the government-sponsored service organization after graduation.