Peace Corps

Elon Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Several Elon University alumni and other community members are currently serving in the Peace Corps or have served in the past.  These individuals have served in a variety of locations throughout the world and work in various sectors in the US.  Students interested in pursuing Peace Corps service are encouraged to contact these individuals with questions about their host country, the work they performed abroad, and their career path since Peace Corps.


Elon Affiliation

Peace Corps Service


Current Location

Will Lyle Alumnus ('12) Benin, Pehunco, Atacora, Benin
Greg Halzen Alumnus ('04) Bulgaria, Brooklyn, NY
Woody Pelton Staff Morocco, Burlington,NC
Steve Morrison Alumnus Peru, Burlington, NC
Brian Digre Faculty DR Congo, Elon, NC
Jeff Bloomfield Elon Law Student Moldova, 2006-2008    
Elizabeth Pollard Staff Mali,  
Francois Staff Zaire (PC Trainer)  

Are you a member of the Elon community who is currently serving in the Peace Coprs or has served in the past?  Would you like to be a resource for current Elon students interested in the Peace Corps?  E-mail Steve Moore, director of the Peace Corps Prep Program at Elon at to be added to this list.