Peace Corps

Enviornmental Science & Agriculture Requirements

Required:  ENS 111/113 Introduction to Environmental Science & Lab

Minimum of 4 semester hours (sh) from the following:

• ENS 232  Solar Greenhouse and Fourth Season Harvest
• ENS 311 Sustainable Food Production 
• ENS 314 Agroecology (and Lab)
• COR 429 Permaculture: Food, Culture and Sustainability

Additional 4 semester hours (sh) from the above  or from the following:

• ENS 120 Community Agriculture: Fall (2 sh)
• ENS 121 Community Agriculture: Spring (2 sh)
• ENS 220 Garden Studio: Fall (2 sh)
• ENS 221 Garden Studio: Spring (2 sh)
• ENS 320 Restoration Ecology
• ENS 330 Wildlife Ecology
• ENS/GEO 340 Water Resources Management
• ENS 346 Wetland Ecology and Management
• ENS 360 Green Design: Envisioning a Sustainable Future
• ENS 373 Livestock in the Landscape
• PST 320 Food Policy

Additional Peace Corp Prep requirements:

A minimum of two units of experiential learning requirements in any of the following areas:

Undergraduate Research:
Research topics should be relevant to PCPP track (e.g., Environmental science and sustainable agriculture or Global Health).

o 1 credit hour of research (courses numbered 498 or 499) = 1 unit
o Elon’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program = 2 units

Internships, service learning, or volunteer experiences
Very high consideration is given to those applicants that have volunteer service/internships in areas that are relevant to their track (e.g., Environmental science and sustainable agriculture or Global Health). Three months of hands-on experience is highly prized by the Peace Corps. Tutoring/teaching/at-risk program experience is also highly valued.

o 1 credit hour of internship = 1 unit
o Designated service-learning course = 1 unit
o Pre-approved service-learning experience mentored by the Kernodle Center = 1-2 units (40+ hours per unit)

Leadership experiences

o Completion of LED 210-Foundation of Leadership
o Pre-approved leadership experience mentored by the Center for Leadership = 1-2 units (40+ hours per unit)

Global experiences

o Studying or traveling abroad for min of 3 weeks (or approved length of time)

Work experiences

o 10 weeks (or approved length of time) of hands on work experience.  This could include working on a farm, in a clinic, etc.

IMORTANT NOTE: Even if you don’t meet the specific requirements of each category, the combination of many partially filled requirements can be of equal value in preparing for Peace Corps service.  Talk to your respective PCPP service area advisor to see how you can take advantage of combining partial requirements.