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Celebrating Periclean Scholars

What is ‘Celebrating Periclean Scholars?’

Begun in 2010, the Celebrating Periclean Scholars event is typically held fall semester and is designed to honor the current and past Periclean Scholars and also as a opportunity for prospective first year students to learn about the program. This is intended to be a "book end" event to the Induction Ceremony in the spring and thus a pan-Periclean gathering in which all Classes come together and present their vision and accomplishments.

How do people learn about this event?

Pericleans learn about the event through normal channels (e.g., emails from the Director, the Steering Committee, etc.). Publicity for the event targeting first year students can be arranged via numerous avenues: flyers, Moseley table handouts, digital posters, and so on.

What happens at the actual event?

Though each year is slightly different, the overall structure traditionally has featured short update speeches from each current Class, an address by the Director and/or Associate Director, a special alumni speaker, and, in the past, we have had keynote speakers from the administration. President Lambert and Provost House have all made an address in recent years. The event sometimes begins with an ice-breaker and typically ends with a reception and food from one or more of the countries of focus. Most years some Periclean-logo 'swag' has been given to all Pericleans and guests (e.g., water bottles.)

Is there a budget for this event?

Publicity, food, programs and swag are all covered by the main Periclean budget. Any major items should be cleared through the Director and reimbursement is made by turning receipts into the Program Coordinator Morgan Spoon (if over $150.00) or signed by the Director and taken directly to the Bursar’s office (if under $150.00).

Who is in charge of this event?

Traditionally the junior Class of Pericleans has taken leadership on this event and a representative from this Class acts as Master of Ceremonies throughout. This Class works closely with the Director to organize the event, create and print the program, secure the speakers, order and distribute swag, arrange for the set up and tear down of the venue, making sure that all multimedia needs are met, host the reception (including ordering the food, etc.) and other details to insure a smooth event.

How are keynote and alumni speakers scheduled?

Special guests have been contacted well in advance of the event and have been asked to speak for between 3-­-7 minutes. The point of contact can be the Director or the chairperson of the Planning Committee.

What are the various “to-­-do” items for the Planning Committee?

  • Secure venue.
  • Secure all special speakers and representatives from each Class to speak
  • Lay out and have printed program (nice card stock) for event. Arrange to have these handed out at the beginning of the evening as people arrive
  • Secure all technology needs
  • Order swag
  • Advertise event to first year students
  • Organize food for reception
  • Organize all set up and clean up
  • Appoint “Master of Ceremonies” for the event
  • Coordinate with Director/Associate Director and Steering Committee on all of the above details

What about event assessment?

Within a week after the actual event the Planning Committee should meet and assess the evening and make recommendations for changes for the new year. These recommendations should go to the Director and be incorporated into an updated FAQ.