Project Pericles

Significant Challenges in Advancing the Goals of Project Pericles

One of the greatest challenges for Project Pericles is financial. Our goal is to immerse Elon students in classes and experiences designed to heighten their awareness of civic engagement and social responsibility and to energize them into action. The specific project adopted by each class of Periclean Scholars will, in many ways, be their laboratory for testing what they have learned, and for testing themselves. We want them to think globally, to unleash their creativity as they dream of the impact that they could have. Financial realities will, of course, govern the extent of their projects. However, our goal is to pursue multiple funding opportunities so that, more often than not, we can say to enterprising young men and women, "Go for it," rather than "I don't think we can afford that."

A second challenge is to continuously raise the bar of expectations for all Project Pericles activities. Leaders should never be satisfied with the status quo; good programs can always become better. The leadership of Project Pericles must continuously devise faculty development opportunities so that the energy we have seen as a result of the first year's Course Enhancements Grants will not be lost.

A third challenge is to seamlessly integrate Project Pericles into Elon's curriculum, joining other experiential elements such as the Isabella Cannon Leadership Program, the study abroad program, the honors program and the fellows programs. Students should never feel that they must choose between becoming a Periclean Scholar and participating in other strong experiential elements of their education. Rather, being a Periclean Scholar should complement their other roles on campus.