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Becoming a Periclean Scholar as a Fellow

Can I become a Periclean Scholar if I am a Fellow (Leadership, Honors, Business, Elon College, Communications, Teaching)?

YES! Since the Periclean Scholar program began with the Class of 2006, many Periclean Scholars have been also been involved with other University Fellows programs including Honors, Leadership, Business, Teaching, and, Communications, and  Elon College.

How can I do all of the work demanded by my Fellows program and be a Periclean Scholar?

Following guidance from their Mentor, Periclean Scholars choose a major focus for their Class, typically (though not necessarily) featuring meaningful partnerships with international entities, e.g., Habitat for Humanity International and the Heifer Project. Based on this broad focus, they establish individual and Class goals, both short and long term. Each Periclean Scholar is encouraged to “double-dip” on major projects both within their major and other programs with which they may be involved. Examples might include a Communications Fellow doing a documentary on the issue of focus for his/her Class or an Honors Fellow doing their research on a topic related to their Class focus. Though “double-dipping” may not be possible or desirable in all cases, if done with proper planning and coordination between the student, her academic advisor, the Periclean Scholar Class Mentor, and the Fellows advisor, it can work effectively.

How do I apply to be come a Periclean Scholar? 

The application process takes place in Spring semester of your first year. There are three components to the application: a letter of recommendation from a faculty person, a letter of application, and an interview with the Class Mentor. Applicants are notified of their acceptance prior to preregistration for Fall semester.

What courses do I need to take as a Periclean Scholar?

Sophomore year: COR 225 4sh, Fall semester; PER 272 2sh Spring semester
Junior year: PER 351 2sh, Fall semester; PER 352 2sh Spring semester
Senior year: PER 451 2sh, Fall semester; COR 445 4sh, winter term; PER 452 2sh Spring semester

Total semester hours: 18

Are there exceptions to the required courses?

Yes. First, many Periclean Scholars choose to study abroad for a semester, and thus miss one of the 2sh junior or senior year courses. This does not impact their status as a Periclean Scholar.

Secondly, in the past Periclean Scholars Classes have chosen to allow lateral entry into the program. In this case, a student may begin the program as a second semester sophomore or a first semester junior.

Further Questions?

If you have questions in participating in the Periclean Scholars program, contact Dr. Tom Arcaro (Director of Project Pericles) at 336.278.6442 or