Project Pericles

Future Prospects for Project Pericles - A Look Ahead

Much of the programming begun during the first year has continued. Every summer, Elon either hosted a summit that built on the one held in June 2002 or sponsored faculty development workshops that focused on incorporating civic engagement and social responsibility issues into the curriculum. The service sabbatical program continues each year. Additionally, each year a new class of Periclean Scholars has been selected who will have the same opportunities as the first class, including the development of their own unique class project.
The goals for the first five years were the following:

  • Enable 18 employees to spend a month in service to a cause to which they are committed
  • Fund a vast array of special projects embedded in classes that are designed to bring together a concern for the common good with students' academic experience
  • Encourage faculty and community partnerships
  • Provide a unique environment for four classes of Periclean Scholars, each of which will be working on a major project. The impact on the entire campus community will be enormous. Our dream is to inspire graduates who are as focused on ways in which they will contribute to their local, national and global communities as they are on their future careers. This is a paradigm shift of no small order, but one that, if we examine our mission statement closely, is our destiny.