Project Pericles


Periclean World Corner (PWC)

What is the idea behind the PWC?

The purpose of the PWC is fairly straightforward: the intent is to create and sustain a revenue stream for the Periclean Scholars program at Elon University. Periclean Scholars (and Mentors) bring back goods from their travels (i.e.: scarves from India) and these items are then sold at the PWC. The revenue will then go to the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association or to current Classes.

What about import laws?

At this point we are operating at such a minor level with single students, for example, bringing back relatively small amounts of goods (value of approximately $100.00), and in the present case we are beneath the level of official concern regarding import laws. However, the owner of the store where the PWC is located is working on getting his import credentials certified such that in the future he will become the import agent. Details on how that will work are still being determined.

Where is this PWC?

The PWC is a small, clearly marked and branded space in a retail outlet called "For Every Season" inside the Holly Hill Mall on Huffman Mill Road in Burlington, NC. The store has a good, central location in the mall with reasonable traffic.

Who owns “For Every Season?”

David Higham, Periclean Scholars Class of 2006, owns and operates this store (as well as many other businesses in the local area) and it has been in business since 2010.

How long has this initiative been active?

The PWC was put into place just before Christmas in December 2011.

What kinds of items can be put up for sale?

The general rule of thumb is that anything that will sell can be put on display at the PWC, but that is the catch: what will sell can be very tricky to predict. The safest route to go, at least in this beginning stage of the operation, is to think in terms of reasonably priced gift items ($1.00-$30.00) that one might buy as a small gift for a family member or friend. Single items are discouraged in favor of 10+ of the same item. Also, items that are smaller and/or easier to display are preferred.

Can these items be also be bought online?

David is working on getting more of these items for sale online, but at this point there is a bottleneck in terms of having the time and resources maximize the potential of this retail outlet opportunity.

Is there information about what country these items come from at the PWC?

One goal of this project is to help educate buyers about fair trade items and grassroots fundraising efforts. To every extent possible, item on display at the PWC should have information about the origin of the item with details about the people who made it and the way in which these people are benefiting from the sale of these items.

Can you give me an example?

Yes. This January Dr. Arcaro traveled to the University of Monterrey and, while there, bought $100.00 worth of handmade diaries from the Kimakul retail outlet on campus. This is from the Kimakul site: “Kimakul is an organization that seeks to assist low-income people in the development of products for personal and commercial purposes. The word "Kimakul" means "with joy from the heart." For Every Season now has these items and is selling them at a 100% markup, thus potentially generating $100.00 for the Periclean program as well as supporting a wonderful cause in Mexico. A flyer with information about Kimakul is near the items now for sale at the PWC.

How can Periclean Scholars become more directly involved in this operation?

David would love to have business interns working on the project on a regular basis and well as students with skills in online marketing. In a more general way, students can be involved in helping to publicize and market the PWC using social media, word of mouth, and other ways of spreading the word.

What percentage of profits goes to David Higham and “For Every Season?”

David is absorbing all overhead costs for this operation. He is taking 20% of the profit of all items for his business. This percentage may vary over time. This partnership must be and be seen as a “win-win” for all parties. The agreement is that David will write a check to the Periclean Scholars every month with the amount based on sales.

What is the long-term plan for this endeavor?

The plan at this point is to grow the operation and have a modest, steady revenue stream. The relationship with For Every Season and David will be assessed on a regularbasis (at least every six months).