Project Pericles


Periclean Scholars Steering Committee

What is it?

The PSSC is a small group of Periclean Scholar leaders who meet with the Director and/or Associate Director on a fortnightly basis. For example, this spring semester (2012) we are meeting at 4:00PM the first and third Thursday of the month in the new Periclean Scholars area in Global Commons.

Is this a new initiative?

No. The Steering Committee has been active at some level for most of the existence of the program. The activity level varies depending upon the needs of the program and other variables.

Which Pericleans make up the Steering Committee?

Ideally there are two representatives from each standing Class as well as representatives from other past graduating Classes who have current undergraduate members. All Pericleans and Mentors are welcome to come to these meetings.

How can I become a representative for my Class?

Each Class should determine which two (or more) members will represent their Class. The method for choosing these representatives should be discussed as part of your deliberations on course syllabi. You should make your feelings known if you want to perform this service “officially” and, in any case, all Pericleans are welcome to come to the meetings and provide input.

What is the overall purpose of this body?

The central mission of the Steering Committee is to further communication, coordination and planning both between Classes and the Director.

Who sets the agenda for the regular meetings?

Any Periclean or Mentor can present agenda items for these meetings. The Director or Associate Director have historically set the general agenda.

What typically happens at these meetings?

Reports are issued from each Class and from the Director. Representatives give updates on activities, partnerships, grant writing initiatives and so on. The Director passes on an update on his/her activities and typically facilitates the meeting. Additionally, pan-Periclean activities are discussed (e.g., Induction Ceremony) and plans are clarified.

Does this body have a budget?

There is no specific budget set aside for the Steering Committee, but the Director has a budget that is to be used for supporting the program. If the Steering Committee decides that there are materials or activities (e.g., pan-Periclean breakfast bagels and coffee) that are appropriate use of funds then the Director frees up the resources to make it happen.

What are the duties of the Class representatives to the Steering Committee?

The Class representatives are to take notes at the meeting and present the updates learned at the meeting at their next regular Class meeting. Additional duties include working on pan-Periclean initiatives and providing support both for other Classes and the program as a whole.

Do Class representatives get credit or a grade for their work on the Steering

Mentors are encouraged to include pan-Periclean activities in their syllabi and to that extent the work is evaluated and credit is given. Being a member of the Steering Committee is a significant service to the program and is deeply valued.