Project Pericles

Periclean Scholars Program

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What is Periclean Scholars?

The Periclean Scholars program at Elon University is the centerpiece of Project Pericles, which is committed to raising the level of civic engagement and social responsibility of the entire university community. Students who become part of the Periclean Scholars program take a series of courses (two per school year) culminating in a Class project of global social change. The project is designed and carried out by the cohort of students from each year's Class.

Periclean Scholar classes are small. Potential projects will be globally oriented, with the specific project chosen by each cohort. Imagine such projects as building a hospital in Honduras, or perhaps setting up access to potable water in Zambia.

What Do Periclean Scholars do?

As a Periclean Scholar, you will have the following experiences:

  • The opportunity to have a direct impact on global issues
  • In-depth research into a real-world problem guided by committed faculty
  • The opportunity to interact with an experienced scholar-activist in your specific focus area (a "Periclean-in-Residence")
  • Possible travel to visit the project site (in the fourth year)
  • Recognition as a Periclean Scholar by your peers
  • Be recognized on the Commencement Program upon graduation
  • Develop a mutual commitment to action with a cohort of your peers through a series of exciting, and challenging classes

How do I become a Periclean Scholar?

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