Project Pericles

Village of Hope

descriptionDuring my weeklong Project Pericles sabbatical, I traveled to the Ukraine with eight other folks to work in the Village of Hope. The Village of Hope, located in Bucha, Ukraine, will provide group "foster home" facilities for street children from Kiev. There are thousands of children from 3 years old and up living in steam tunnels that run throughout the city of Kiev. The Village of Hope is being constructed with both volunteer donations and work crews as a cooperative effort between the Ukranian Baptists, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of N.C., and Stichting Little John in the Netherlands.

The week was spent constructing, cleaning, and priming an iron fence which will surround the 14-plus acres of the Village property, cleaning up and removing debris from the demolition site of the old guardhouse, cleaning the brick salvaged from the old guardhouse, removing tree stumps, and building playground equipment. Our team also carried as many medical supplies, clothing, food, and other items to be distributed to the street children as we could pack into our luggage.

The work was long and hard each day, but the opportunity to have even a very small part in providing for these children was a priceless one.

Lorraine Allen