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Snow Camp Service SabbaticalPhoto of Scott Rivera

In the last twenty years that I have worked and volunteered at the theater, I think my two weeks at The Snow Camp Outdoor Theater this past spring were among the most helpful and educational. We had about 20 full-time company members from all over the country, working and living in Snow Camp at the theater. Among these were two other members of the Leon community, one former student and one current.

While at the theater I assisted the producer/general manager with preparing the theater for the productions. I spent my days working on repairing plumbing and electrical problems that tend to develop over the winter, as well as general maintenance and repair work such as changing air conditioner filters and moving supplies and lumber needed for the construction and repair of the buildings and grounds.

My evenings were spent in rehearsal with the rest of the company, and doing technical work at the amphitheater. This included trouble shooting problems with the lighting and Pyrotechnics systems that are used during the shows. During the down time, which is very rare in theater, I spent time with the cast and crew, discussing theater in general, and learning about new technologies that are being used in theaters, as well as discussing new way for theaters to generate revenue.

“The summer as a whole turned out very well, and I feel that several of the company members will look back on their summer in Snow Camp NC, and remember it simply as a fun time at a summer job, while I will remember it as a fun way to learn, help out, and help others to learn and help, theater in need.

I just wanted to say thank you to all those involved for giving me the opportunity to do something I love to do, while helping out somewhere in my own community.

R. Scott Rivera

PS. If anyone is interested in more information about the theater and the different events that take place there throughout the year their Web site is